Private Jets and Political Campaigns

Have you noticed how demanding of schedules, our political candidates and presidential nominees have to keep? On any given day, these candidates may have appearances scheduled in several different cities around the state they are campaigning in. This amount of traveling requires an incredible level of coordination. Scheduled airlines are plagued by large crowds and frequent delays preventing them from meeting the many demands of a political candidate’s schedule. Most of the larger commercial airports in the United States are on the outskirts of town; miles away from their scheduled event. The schedule of a modern candidate is far too demanding for commercial aviation and requires the convenience of chartering a private jet.
Private jets can land in local executive airports that allow for a candidate to have breakfast with the residents of Palm Beach Florida then, meet with elementary school children in Tampa, before holding an afternoon press conference in Orlando.

To seamlessly coordinate the demanding travel itinerary of a political candidate requires the highest level of organization and experience. Businesses and individuals who charter private jets may never have as demanding of an itinerary as the 2008 presidential candidates do, but having access to the advantages of a private jet charter, is priceless. Access to a private jet alone, does not ensure that the demands of your schedule will be met. When chartering a private jet, it is important to work with someone who has the experience to provide seamless transitions, excellent service and fair pricing.

Finding an air charter provider that can satisfy all of your company’s travel requirements every time you need a private plane can be a challenge. The air charter industry offers many different options for those seeking the conveniences of private air travel. Stratos Jet Charters acts as an agent on behalf of clients who need a private jet. It is important to find a reputable company that you can trust. Working with a reputable company and knowledgeable air charter consultant provides the assurance that only the most experienced pilots and luxurious aircrafts will be provided for your trip every time you fly. Agents of Stratos Jet Charters analyze the market to find the most relevant aircrafts for your flight and quickly provide multiple options. The market research techniques and close relationships with aircraft operators Stratos Jet Charters have, allow their agents to provide the nicest private jets or turbo-prop airplanes at the best available price in the jet charter industry.

For companies and individuals who charter private jets regularly, building a relationship with an private flight advisor should be based on integrity, trust and a highly convenient service. Stratos Jet Charters membership program is designed to offer an even greater level of flexibility and convenience. Stratos Jet Charters members aren’t burdened with pre-flight paperwork and time consuming bank transfers. A member can arrange for the charter of a private jet by email and in most cases give as little as 6 hours notice for their air charter flight. Because of the unique relationship that develops between the client and agent through the jet charter membership program, the agent is able to consistently offer the highest level of service and the most competitive prices.

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