A delightfully modern city with a dark history that’s ever-present

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As the site of the last major battle in Europe during World War II, and later as the epicenter of the subsequent Cold War, Berlin will forever be linked to those dark years. However, in more recent times, the city has become a wildly popular tourist destination for those looking to take in it’s rich historical and cultural offerings. Read more about private jet charter flights in Berlin

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Berlin, Germany's capital and largest city, is also the second most populated city in the European Union and a major economic and cultural base. The city's airport and train stations serve as travel hubs to many other regions in the EU.Tourism and services drive Berlin's economy. The city is home to the Internationales Congress Centrum, one of the world’s largest convention centers. It hosts a range of major international events and trade fairs, including:
  • IFA
  • Green Week
  • InnoTrans

Things to Do in Berlin

Berlin has a rich, if not tumultuous, history. The city itself has been rebuilt numerous times as a result of numerous military conflicts over the centuries. Yet, despite the severe destruction caused by heavy bombing near the end of WWII, one can still find artifacts and evidence from an assortment of ruling regimes, including:
  • German Empire
  • Prussia
  • Third Reich
  • Soviet Union
There's no shortage of things to do in the German capital. Berlin has more than 50 musical venues, such as the renowned Deutsche Opera. Six major sports clubs call Berlin home, and the city is nearly bursting during football (soccer) season.Berlin continually ranks highly in the Michelin guide for distinguished European cuisine. Some of the top restaurants include:
  • Fischers Fritz
  • Lorenz Adlon
  • Reinstoff
  • Tim Raue
  • Horváth
  • Rutz
The best shopping and nightlife is found around the Hackesher Market, which features an intriguing mix of bars, clubs, cafes and boutiques. Luxury items can usually be found in the Kurfurstendamm.If you’re keen on learning more about Berlin’s impressive cultural landmarks, check out:
  • Brandenburg Gate
  • Reichstag Building
  • Berlin Wall
There are also plenty of reminders of Germany’s dark past to be found around the city. The Jüdisches Museum explores the story of the city’s Jewish population, while the Memorial and Museum Sachsenhausen, a former concentration camp, located up the road in Oranienburg, is definitely worthy of a day trip.

How to Book Charter Flights to Berlin

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No matter where you’re flying from, or how many people you’re flying with, we will find an aircraft that’s well-suited for your travel needs. From turboprops and lights jets, all the way up to heavy jets and charter airliners, we have access to thousands of aircraft worldwide.As part of our due-diligence program, Stratos Jets works with international operators of proven quality and excellence to ensure that your private flight to Berlin meets international safety and mechanical standards. In addition, our flight planning operations take the stress out of your trip to Berlin, leaving you to relax (or remain productive) during your trip.
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Until the chronically delayed Berlin Brandenburg Airport opens (estimated to open sometime in 2018), people arriving on charter flights to Berlin can choose between Berlin Tegel Airport (EDDT), to the northwest of the city, and Berlin Schonefeld Airport (EDDB), to the southeast. Both are throwbacks to the Cold War era, with Allied-built Tegel being more user-friendly than Schonefeld, which was controlled by the Soviets.

Schonefeld Schonefeld, Germany, Germany

Tempelhof Tempelhof, Germany, Germany

Tegel Tegel, Germany, Germany

Schonhagen Schonhagen, Germany, Germany

Strausberg Strausberg, Germany, Germany

Finow Finow, Germany, Germany

Eisenhuttenstadt Eisenhuttenstadt, Germany, Germany

Cottbus Drewitz Cottbus Drewitz, Germany, Germany

Kyritz Kyritz, Germany, Germany

Spremberg Welzow Spremberg Welzow, Germany, Germany

Dessau Dessau, Germany, Germany

Rechlin Larz Rechlin Larz, Germany, Germany

Stendal Borstel Stendal Borstel, Germany, Germany

Grossenhain Grossenhain, Germany, Germany

Riesa Gohlis Riesa Gohlis, Germany, Germany

Kamenz Kamenz, Germany, Germany

Magdeburg Magdeburg, Germany, Germany

Halle Oppin Halle Oppin, Germany, Germany

Neubrandenburg Neubrandenburg, Germany, Germany

Leipzig Halle Leipzig Halle, Germany, Germany

Dresden Dresden, Germany, Germany

Bautzen Bautzen, Germany, Germany

Rothenburg Gorlitz Rothenburg Gorlitz, Germany, Germany

Babimost Babimost, Poland, Poland

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