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Travel the Golden State safely and in style with private charter flights arranged by Stratos Jets. Our uncompromising approach to safety and our dedication to delivering outstanding customer experiences set us apart from other brokers. California boasts an economy larger than all but seven countries in the world. The state also hosts many of the nation’s most fascinating places and natural attractions. We go the extra mile for our clients in every respect. Ensuring that California charter flights arranged by Stratos always exceed expectations.

An Industry-Leading Dedication to Safety

Every Stratos charter flight in California or elsewhere benefits from our deep commitment to aviation safety. Where other brokers or carriers might content themselves with FAA-mandated minimums, we are driven to always seek new ways of enhancing charter flight safety for our clients:

  • The Most Extensive Due Diligence and Educational Processes: No charter carrier becomes eligible to transport our clients without standing up to our demanding, intensive due diligence. We allow only the most experienced pilots and safety-focused carriers to become partners.  And we conduct regular inspections to ensure they remain deserving. We select only the cream of the crop and insist on standards far in excess of industry norms.  This greatly expands the margin of safety for our passengers.
  • Independently Certified by ARGUS International: With light government regulation still the norm in the charter flight industry, global aviation safety expert ARGUS has stepped up to provide certainty. As an ARGUS Certified Charter Broker, Stratos Jets stands out.  We are recognized as one of the most safety-focused companies of its kind anywhere in the world. Just as we hold our carrier partners to the highest standards, our own due diligence and other processes have been measured against the strictest of requirements and judged outstanding.
  • $25 Million in Additional Coverage for Extra Peace of Mind: All of our air carrier partners maintain at least $4.25 million in liability coverage for each passenger. We require a minimum liability coverage of $25 million for an average turboprop and $50 million for executive-class jets. However, many aircraft are insured even more generously. Even so, every Stratos charter flight includes an additional $25 million in liability coverage.  Contributing to still greater peace of mind.

Charter-Flight Service Worthy of Beverly Hills

Our intense focus on safety is an important part of a broader commitment to enabling the most outstanding customer experiences in the charter flight industry. Every detail of every Stratos private jet charter flight in California or elsewhere is calculated and managed to produce the most satisfying outcomes for our clients.

Stratos Jets agents bring years of experience and training to the table.  They study the current market to find the carrier and aircraft most suitable to each client’s needs. We pride ourselves on providing responsive service.  Our clients can count on us to organize complex flight itineraries that depart within hours. Our team accounts for every requirement and desire to create the best possible fit.

Our Trip Support experts take over once the initial arrangements have been established.  Making sure that all flight-related details are accounted for. We do everything possible to make our clients’ trips easier, safer, and more satisfying.  This practice contributes directly to the industry-leading customer experiences Stratos has become so well-known for.

All the Riches of the Golden State Await for Business and Pleasure

With our carefully selected partners covering California, we can quickly arrange safe, reliable private jet charter flights anywhere in the state. Some of the most popular destinations and departure points for charter flights in California include:

  • Bakersfield: An important destination for agriculture- and oil-industry business travelers, Bakersfield is served by several convenient local airports.
  • Beverly Hills: Synonymous with glitz and glamor the world over, Beverly Hills is, for many, the true modern embodiment of the California dream.
  • Burbank: Known as the “Media Capital of the World,” Burbank boasts dozens of production studios and company headquarters.  Bringing in visitors who are able to choose from several area airports for their charter flight landings and takeoffs.
  • Fresno: Standing in the agricultural powerhouse that is California’s Central Valley, Fresno has also become a major business center with multinational companies like Sony maintaining presences there.
  • Hayward: Charter flights into or out of Hayward Executive Airport make for convenient access to the fast-growing East Bay area. The city itself is home to a Cal State campus.
  • Los Angeles: Between LAX and the smaller airports scattered about the region, charter flight passengers have many convenient options when they visit or depart from Los Angeles.
  • Monterey: Situated on one of the most dramatic stretches of the state’s Central Coast, Monterey and several airports in the area offer easy access to world-class attractions like the Pebble Beach Golf Links.
  • Napa Valley: The crown jewel of California’s wine-making industry. Napa Valley has its own convenient airport and is within easy driving distance of several more.
  • Oakland: Fast-growing Oakland continues to impress, and three airports in the area allow for easy charter flight travel.
  • Palm Springs: The desert vistas of Palm Springs have long lured people from all over, and a charter flight with Stratos Jets can be the perfect way to visit.
  • Palo Alto: Home to a number of the world’s top technology companies, Silicon Valley’s Palo Alto is an important destination for many high-achieving business leaders.
  • San Diego: California’s second-largest city has a reputation for being laid back, and it also boasts a strong economy and is a beautiful place to visit.
  • San Francisco: San Francisco’s scenic hills and undeniable personality draw business travelers and other visitors to a number of area airports aboard charter flights.
  • Santa Ana: As Orange County’s second-largest city, Santa Ana hosts the headquarters of several major companies like Behr Paint and Ingram Micro.
  • Santa Barbara: Of all the beautiful places in the state, the Santa Barbara area most often tops lists. There four private airports nearby making it easy to visit aboard a charter flight.
  • Santa Clara: Situated in the center of Silicon Valley, Santa Clara serves as headquarters for technology giants like Intel.  Making it a popular destination for business jet travelers every year.
  • Santa Cruz: Santa Cruz provides another take on beautiful Monterey Bay, also hosting a University of California campus and a number of multinational corporate headquarters.
  • Santa Monica: Another Los Angeles-area standout, Santa Monica is well-loved as both a place to visit and one to live.  It is one of a number of area airports allowing for convenient charter flight travel.
  • Van Nuys: Van Nuys is an especially popular charter-flight entry and exit point for the Los Angeles area. It boasts a public airport ranking as the busiest general aviation facility in the world.

With many other cities and airports to offer, all of California is open to safe, convenient charter flight travel with Stratos Jets. Learn more about any of the state’s airports at these links:

Los Angeles. San Diego. Santa Barbara. Whatever your travel plans, Stratos Jet Charters is simply the best private jet charter agency in California. We rely on aircraft and air carriers that get frequent inspections and upgrades to enhance security and safety. We’ll deliver a seamless travel experience to get you where you need to be. All of the charter flights we organize comply with our rigorous safety standards. Each are flown by two experienced and highly trained pilots.

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