If you look at the aircraft types available for Stratos executive private jet charters, you’ll see we’ve divided our network into eight size categories. Each category has its own advantages and pricing guidelines. But how does an informed traveler choose the right jet?

Our Stratos Jet Charter booking agents can help you find the right aircraft for your mission. But what if you are just browsing jet categories for an upcoming flight, and don’t need a booking agent yet? Here is a quick guide to the six main executive private jet size categories.

While the Citation M2 can accommodate a maximum of seven passengers, the optimal cabin arrangement is for four or five.

Very Light Jets

Although designed for regional executive private jet flights, very light jets are still big on comfort. Most very lights feature the same amenities as larger jets such as fold-away workspaces, wide chairs, and AC power outlets.  These nimble aircraft are perfect for four or five passengers traveling to a nearby airport within 1100 miles. Smaller airports with short runways are no problem for a very light jet.

Light Jets

With Stratos light jets, you get better seating and storage capacity, and measurable increases in speed and range.  A light executive private jet can accommodate five to eight passengers for a domestic flight between 1,800 and 2,500 miles. For example, Boston to Miami is 1,260 miles by air. Top light jets such as the popular Lear 70 can travel as fast as 622 mph. This is a significant time saving when compared to the Citation M2 very light jet, which cruises at 460 mph.

Midsize Jets

Stratos midsize jets are among the most popular aircraft in our network. Transcontinental range is the main benefit of booking a midsize luxury executive private jet for your travels. Typically configured for seven or eight passengers, a midsize jet can carry your executive team from San Francisco to New York in stylish comfort. Increased legroom, cabin size, and cargo storage add to the comfort of flying in a midsize jet.

The Citation X provides seating for eight or nine passengers with the luxury of stand-up cabin space.

Super Midsize Jets

As the size categories increase, so do the options for your flight mission. A super-midsize jet is superior to a midsize jet in cabin size, speed, and range. The super-midsize executive private jets in the Stratos network are a competitively-priced international travel option. Designed to carry seven to nine passengers across an ocean, many super-midsize jets feature extra-spacious cabins and seats that fold down into bunks. You’ll arrive on a new continent feeling refreshed and ready to tackle your next project.

Heavy Jets

The heavy jets in our network are the true global executive private jet charter champions. The heavies are built to match the speed and range of commercial airliners, without the cramped space. Essentially flying hotel suites, the heavy jets feature multiple work and lounge areas, cutting-edge wireless communications, private washrooms with showers and even bedroom suites. If you need to get ten to sixteen passengers to a crucial meeting half-way across the world, a Stratos heavy jet is your solution.  

Whether your group needs fly to a weekend getaway in a nearby city, or you need to book an exclusive luxury jet charter anywhere in the world, call Stratos Jets Charters at 888-593-9066.