Exploring the Many Benefits of Private Aviation — Week Three — Flexibility and Airport Accessibility

Charter a private jet for flexibility and airport availability

At Stratos Jet Charters, an Orlando-based air charter agency, we understand the demands of today’s top business professional. Our clients are successful individuals who need to travel quickly and efficiently, with the knowledge and security that their charter flight is of the highest quality, at the best available price. Stratos Jets excels in meeting these needs through our dedicated team of private flight advisors, excellent in-flight concierge services, and extensive network of leading Part 135 aircraft operators.

As an active member of the Air Charter Association of North America (ACANA), Stratos Jets is a strong supporter of ACANA’s mission to educate and inform consumers about the benefits of private aviation. Recently, statements from the Obama administration have shed a negative light on private aviation, painting it unfairly as a wasteful and unnecessary “luxury item.” Given the White House’s repeated attacks on the private aviation industry, it is especially important for us to dispel the myth that jet charter service is merely a play-thing of the rich. We want our clients, along with potential consumers, to see private aviation for what it truly is – an essential business tool and driver of the U.S. economy.

Long before President Obama launched his attacks on our industry, individuals and corporations from around the world recognized the value of private aviation. Yet these individuals are not the self-serving and fiscally irresponsible people the White House would have them to be. Collectively, they represent some of the most economically-important industries in the world, such as oil and gas, real estate, trade and finance. These individuals have discovered that one of the many benefits of jet charter service is the flexibility to travel whenever and wherever their business takes them.

Every day, Stratos Jets agents work hard to connect these individuals with the most appropriate aircraft for their individual needs. We can provide small, mid, and heavy-sized jet options for domestic and international charter flights, all within approximately four-hours notice. This provides our clients with the freedom to customize their business charter flights entirely around their personal needs or itinerary.

Only private aviation can offer the type of flexibility that business executives need to compete in our ever-changing economy. If a CEO needs to travel with a large party with additional security, for example, we can arrange for security guards to be aboard the charter aircraft. If a real estate firm needs to survey a prospective piece of land, we can make the necessary arrangements to accommodate the itinerary.

Having access to multiple airports across the country has become an important asset for small and medium-sized companies throughout the U.S. The economic downturn, combined with rising jet fuel costs, and the recent European emissions tax have led many airlines to drop several of their less popular routings from their scheduled service. Several of Stratos Jets clients are medium-sized businesses that need to travel regularly between offices in disparate locations, such as Minot and Willingston, North Dakota.

At Stratos Jets, we have access to approximately 14,000 airports nationwide, which allows us to provide access to smaller, regional airports that are scattered across the country. In comparison, commercial carriers have access to about 500 domestic airports. As a result, jet charter service providers, such as Stratos Jets, can offer these companies a cost-effective travel solution that supports their expansion efforts and promotes job growth.

In addition, Stratos Jets has access to about 4,300 charter aircraft that meet with the strictest safety standards in the private aviation industry — our own. All of the Part 135 aircraft operators in our approved vendor network are independently certified through leading third-party safety auditors — ARG/US and WYVERN — and must also meet all FAA, DOT, and in-house safety requirements. Stratos Jets has specific pilot training and flight hours for all pilots, as well as ensuring two pilots for each charter flight.

Considering the flexibility, accessibility and safety of business aviation, it is hard to see the logic behind any of the Obama’s administration’s attacks on our industry. It is our sincere hope that our three-part series has educated you on the valuable role that private aviation plays in bolstering our national economy. We will continue to present evidence to support our belief that business aviation is an essential tool for rebuilding our national economy. Hopefully, by educating both our clients and consumers, we will inspire more small and medium-sized businesses to take advantage of the flexibility of business aviation.

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