Business executives discuss project on private jet

Stratos Jet Charters, an Orlando-based air charter agency, plays a vital role in both the private aviation community and local Orlando economy. Not only have we helped hundreds of individuals get to their destinations on the safest, most reliable charter aircraft in the industry, but we have helped American businesses compete in today’s global economy. We hope that the necessity of private jet charter will continue to be self-evident amid increasing negative reports from the White House.

Unfortunately, the political atmosphere of the 2012 presidential election mixed with lackluster news about job growth has made the Obama administration seek scapegoats to lay the burdens of the national economy upon. Private aviation, being an expensive, yet critical service for American businesses is too often a target for biased and uninformed political speeches. In recent campaigns, the Obama administration has focused on vilifying private jet charter for individuals and corporations, regardless of the needs that business aviation has met.

Private aviation provides both security and convenience, which are essential qualities for America’s top job-creating companies. Many clients that we have helped are politicians and public figures whose personal safety would be at risk if they chose to fly commercial. The secluded cabin aboard every private aircraft ensures that these individuals travel with only the people they know and trust. They also have the ability to travel with security professionals, such as bodyguards, which allows them to focus on job-creating activities, instead of their own personal safety. President Obama, himself, travels aboard his own private aircraft — Air Force One — for security reasons, although he chooses to omit this fact in his speeches against private aviation.

More often than not, charter flights are arranged for corporations whose members, due to the global nature of today’s markets, are required to travel great distances, sometimes several times in one day. Private aviation also allows business executives to meet the critical need of meeting with customers, clients and prospects face-to-face. Given the long security lines and inconsistent scheduling of commercial travel, it would be next to impossible for these individuals to travel last-minute, coast to coast, on a commercial airline to see a prospective client. It’s harder still for these individuals to get any work done while traveling aboard a noisy, crowded commercial carrier.

Today’s competitive market demands immediate action. Commercial airlines are constantly delayed due to weather and layovers, which causes too much uncertainty for business travel. Through our reputation as an industry leader, Stratos Jets is in the unique position to offer fill empty-leg and one-way charter flights from our network of leading Part 135 aircraft operators. Point-to-point pricing, empty-leg and one-way flights all provide Stratos Jets’ client the tools for taking their businesses wherever opportunity finds them. We offer competitive pricing on many such flights, and in most cases, deep discounts.

Bottom line — the security and convenience afforded by business aviation allows today’s top executives, in addition to small and medium-sized business owners, to efficiently and conveniently travel, which only serves to add to our economic growth. At Stratos Jets, we believe that the government’s negative statements pose a significant threat to not only the private aviation industry but to American companies competitive environment and the personal freedoms of individuals.

In the next few weeks, Stratos Jets will explore the many advantages of private aviation, along with the disadvantages inherent to the White House’s negative opinions on our industry. Our goal is to paint a truer picture of private aviation: that it is not a toy misused by the ultra-rich but an essential tool for today’s economy. Hopefully, by educating consumers on the many benefits of private aviation, such misinformed opinions can not withstand a prolonged public debate.