Exploring the Many Benefits of Private Aviation: Week One: Time Savings

stratos-homepage-soar-higher At Stratos Jet Charters, we’ve talked with you at length about the many advantageous features of business aviation and private jet charter as a whole. However, it also pays to take a step back and remember why the travel itself is so beneficial in the first place. In the economic environment we have today, your business cannot afford to miss out on any possible opportunities. When the chance to build critical relationships or capitalize on potential new business presents itself, our clients can answer the call.

Getting to and from destinations in half the time is a big reason why our clients fly private. When you charter a private jet through Stratos Jets, you can travel to your destination quickly, and deplane just as fast. This is due to the basic operational nature of private travel and because we can often use smaller airports and those most suited to the business aviation. You can step directly into ground transportation when required, which your Stratos agent can coordinate for you with a simple request.

You can actually WORK on a private flight as opposed to commercial travel, where this can be impossible. Productivity is a hallmark of the most successful business owners and executives which can make this benefit very important. The ability to actually work on the plane, while also enjoying a level of comfort and amenities not available to commercial travelers, means that you can accomplish more in less time with private jet charter. Ask yourself: How much is your time worth per hour?

We also note that as the “instant messaging culture” has grown over the last decade, face-to-face meetings and social engagement has become a rarer commodity, to the detriment of business relationships as a whole. Yes, these forms of communication are inexpensive. And as economic pressures have begun to mount on many small and mid-sized businesses, “virtual” communications have become more frequent. Sometimes it takes a reminder to realize the high value of in-person contact and how this strengthens vital relationships for your organization or business. In the same way that a handwritten note will gain the attention far better than an email, there is no substitute for meeting someone eye to eye and shaking their outstretched hand.

When deciding whether to have an online or a face-to-face meeting, consider whether the relationships everyone will form are more valuable than the cost of traveling. This is true regardless of the business climate, but especially so during times of economic turmoil. If you answer “yes”, which is often the case, then return on investment says you should go for the good of your company. Jet charter affords today’s business owners and executives that opportunity.

Regardless of the political flavor of the month — which happens to be vilification of private travel — the benefits of charter aviation to small business in America should not be understated, as it can be a driving factor in the success of any organizations. It facilitates real human contact, while allowing individuals to efficiently travel and be productive while doing so.

Stratos Jets can provide you with multiple aircraft options — across a range of budgets — for your most important meetings, to help you and your firm achieve long-term success.

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