Stratos Jets private flight advisors pose at the NBAA Convention in October 2011

Stratos Jets’ private flight advisors (from left to right: Richard Gomulka, Joel Thomas, Kevin Bales and William Buckley) can provide for a safer and more personalized jet charter experience than local charter operators.


As a member of the Air Charter Association of North America (ACANA), Stratos Jet Charters is deeply invested in being open, honest and transparent with our clients. We aim to not only be your no.1 air charter service provider, but your go-to-resource for reliable information about the business aviation industry. Our air charter agency believes that the best air charter consumer is the informed one, and to the end, we seek to educate our clients about the benefits of private jet charter.

This March, we turn our attention to answering an important question that is becoming more frequent among our clients — “why should I work with a jet charter agent over a local charter operator?” There seems to be a lot of confusion as to whether it is less expensive and more efficient to work with a local operator versus a jet charter broker. While local charter operators can offer tremendous value and service, they are restricted to their own fleet of aircraft, whereas jet charter agents have access to multiple aircraft operators, including small, local charter vendors.

It’s important to understand the value that a jet charter agent can provide. The role of any jet charter agent is to first identify the individual needs of your particular flight. The agent conducts a thorough market analysis to find all relevant aircraft options. He relies on his industry experience and market knowledge to identify local operators and transient aircraft in the path on your charter flight. His ultimate goal is to present multiple options that can accommodate the specific requirements of your trip, whether you need a larger cabin, or extra storage capacity for your luggage. As always, your jet charter agent is available 24/7 to explain these options to you, helping you to make informed, buying decisions that result in excellent air charter experiences.

By working with a jet charter agent, as opposed to a small or local operator, you will gain access to an expanded market of available charter aircraft. Not only will you have access to your local operator’s fleet, but to a wide network of aircraft traveling in and around your area. Perhaps Stratos Jets’ greatest asset is our stellar reputation among more than 100 operators industrywide. This reputation allows us to connect our clients to multiple fleets of small, mid, and heavy jet aircraft that range in size, amenities and value. As a result, we can guarantee availability on the most appropriate aircraft for your individual flight requirements, each and every flight.

Having access to an expansive fleet of aircraft is especially valuable when you need to book a last-minute charter flight, commonly known as an ASAP. Because local operators are restricted to a single fleet of aircraft, they can not always guarantee that an aircraft will be available for your charter flight. In these tough economic times, it is even more important than ever for local operators to keep their aircraft booked at all times. This will make it harder for you to find an available aircraft from a small vendor for a last-minute or ASAP charter flight. These availability restrictions also make it difficult for local operators to provide a back-up option, should you encounter a mechanical.

By choosing to work with a jet charter agent, instead of working with a local operator, you will also receive better charter flight pricing on the same local-operator-owned aircraft. That’s because local operators offer charter brokers more competitive rates on their aircraft because they know the market to be “competitive.” Your charter agent will then pass these savings on to you.

Also keep in mind that just because your aircraft operator is local, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the aircraft will stay in the same location. If a vendor has to reposition, or fly an aircraft back to its home base for your flight, you will likely see much higher pricing than you would with a transient air charter. As we mentioned earlier, Stratos Jets agents has the ability to find transient aircraft in the path of your charter flight to cut down on repositioning costs.

Another question to consider when working with just one, local operator is how can you trust that the vendor is safe? How transparent are they regarding your aircraft’s maintenance history or safety standards? At Stratos Jets, every aircraft we use must pass our rigorous safety standards plus all current FAA and DOT regulations. We require that each flight be under the command of two highly-trained pilots, while local operators do not always require a two-pilot crew. In addition, all aircraft chartered through Stratos Jets must undergo an ARG/US or WYVERN third-party audit to ensure that it meets all safety standards, and we proudly provide all information to our clients.

At Stratos Jets, we value long-term client relationships over short-term gains. The personal relationship that you establish with a Stratos Jets’ agent allows you to gain access to all these benefits and more. We have a saying around our office that “we’re only as good as our last flight.” That’s because we firmly believe that our job is not complete until every detail of your flight meets with your satisfaction.

Considering all the benefits of working with your own private flight advisor, why risk the uncertainties of booking with local-based aircraft operators? With multiple jet size options in markets across the United States, Stratos Jets can get you to your desired destination faster, easier, and at the best available price. With so many benefits, why not book your next trip through Stratos Jet Charters today?