Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly can I book a private jet charter?

If you need to book a last-minute charter flight, you’ve come to the right place. Stratos Jets charter agents have the resources to arrange a private charter flight with just four hours’ notice. The easiest way to get started with a private jet booking is to call us directly at 888.593.9066, or fill out an online request.

Private Jet Booking Considerations

Before arranging a chartered flight, there are a few key pieces of information our agents require before providing a quote. Here’s what we’ll likely ask you:

1. What are your travel dates, and are they flexible?

In most cases, your dates will determine your quote. If your schedule allows flexibility, it is possible that we can access empty leg flights, which can ensure a more cost-effective quote.

2. What is your destination, and do we have the freedom to choose from different airports in the same area?

Some locations offer a few different airport options within the same vicinity. If you’re able to access ground transportation, we may be able to save you a few more dollars.

3. Are there any trip planning details we can take care of on your behalf?

Our agents are here to help. We’ve even got a Trip Support department at Stratos Jets that is dedicated entirely to working out the fine details of your trip so you don’t have to. Some of the things we can take care of for your include:

  • In-flight catering
  • Ground transportation
  • Hotel and resort accommodations
  • Security details
  • Conference and meeting room rentals
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