Yes, jet charters use the same airports as commercial airlines. However, most commercial air traffic occupies about 300 airports worldwide, while passengers flying on private jet charters have access to more than 7,000 airports! This includes the major commercial airports and an extra 6,700 smaller, specialized airfields that are not serviced by scheduled airlines.

Departing aboard a private charter

Departures are much easier with Stratos. If there is an appropriate smaller airport nearby, you don’t need to depart from a major airport. You can avoid the parking hassles, security line-ups, and pre-board wait times. Our goal is to get you on your way, stress-free.

Arriving exactly where you want

Choice of destination is easier too. A ski trip to Colorado is a perfect example. Commercial airlines can get you to Aspen, along with all the other tourists. But you’ll need to rent a vehicle and do some driving to get to any of the more exclusive ski areas.

A Stratos private jet charter can get you to the smaller airports at Glenwood Springs, Eagle County, and Leadville.  (All three are at least an hour’s drive from Aspen). You can spend more time skiing the pristine powder, and less time lining up for a rental vehicle, driving, and waiting for a ski lift.

The Trip Support advantage

An additional feature of flying a Stratos Jet Charter to a smaller, regional airport is the exceptional Trip Support. The Stratos team can get you to a convenient regional airport, arrange ground transportation and a hotel, find you a business meeting space, and arrange any special travel amenities you need.