Compared to traveling with a commercial carrier, getting to your jet charter flight is relatively straight-forward.

Stratos Jets can help 

It all starts with a conversation with one of our talented booking agents.  Once we’ve determined which aircraft type you will need and where you wish to depart, we can choose an appropriate departure airport.

Unless you are traveling with a large group in a large aircraft, you can usually choose a smaller, closer regional airport for your departure.

As private jet charter flights have grown in popularity, many airports have dedicated terminals for private jet charters. Others may use special buildings called fixed-base operators (FBOs) where you’ll check in for your charter flight.  Some FBOs have even partnered with hotel chains, enabling you to literally walk out the door from your hotel and onto your aircraft.

In most cases, you’ll be shuttled directly to your awaiting aircraft and, after a quick security check, you’ll board and be on your way. Stratos Jets sends its clients detailed directions to the required airport facilities.

If you need help with arranging ground transportation, talk to our agents. We have plenty of experience with unique travel situations, such as traveling with children, pets or disabled persons.  We can arrange ground transportation at both ends of your flight to ensure everyone has a worry-free travel experience.