First-time Flying Tips: Taking a Private Plane to an International Airport

As the holidays approach, we are seeing a resurgence in international travel bookings. However, the events of this year have changed the options for travelers. At Stratos Jet Charters, we frequently recommend smaller regional airports for our customers. Why go to a crowded major airport, when a smaller airport or FBO can handle private plane traffic more efficiently?

When an international airport is a must

Since private plane travel is all about leveraging your time, our clients prefer flying directly from point to point, with minimal time spent in security line-ups, airport lounges, taxi queues, and other hindrances. It puts time on their side.

To maintain bio-safety protocols, some international governments have restricted which airports are available. And as a private jet passenger arriving at a large international airport, the following situations may impact your flight. Here’s what you need to know:

The Stack: Even though commercial travel has declined, your private plane may still be put in a holding stack with other aircraft over your destination airport. This practice ensures everyone’s safety but it can still be frustrating to circle your destination while waiting for your turn.

 International airports can be busy, which can translate to extended wait times and large crowds.

Rushed Landings: Yes, paradoxically, after waiting in the stack, your pilot may be told to land quickly, to clear the runway for the next arrival.  The pilots in our network are exceptionally well-trained and can handle a safe quick landing.  But it can wreak havoc on a tightly-planned itinerary if you don’t know when you will be landing.

Taxiing to the Gate: Again, a competent pilot will get a private plane off the runway and to the arrival gate as efficiently as possible. However, the sheer size of some major international airports means a lot of taxiing. One of our passengers joked that he would give the pilot an extra tip if he drove them straight to the hotel.  Our best suggestion is to be patient and enjoy the luxurious comfort of our executive jets.   

On the Ground: Yes, you are almost there. But as noted, the health situation has created extra demand for customs screening services. You may face a line-up, or you might just breeze through, depending on how rigidly the country is enforcing their travel regulations. Just be aware of it if you are meeting a client or arranging ground transportation.

Keeping you safe & informed

These tips are not meant to worry you. But Stratos Jet Charters was built on a foundation of safety and transparency, and we want our international travelers to be well-informed, safe, and comfortable.  Many nations have opened their borders, and the world is awaiting corporate and family travelers this season.


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