Even in a year as turbulent as this one, several intriguing private air charter trends are emerging. Of course, if the pandemic has taught us anything, it is that our predictive models are limited. So, rather than predicting the future of private aviation, we’ll look at a few trends we’re anticipating. 

Here are five trends Stratos Jet Charters clients can expect as 2021 unfolds.

1. Better Options for Remote Work

For years, our executive private air charter clients have brought a phone and laptop with them to work while traveling. What has changed in recent months is the definition of the ideal workplace. Our clients are spending less time breathing office air, and more time working remotely from resorts, vacation properties, or even yachts.  So choose your favorite remote work location; we can get you there.

2. New Charter Clients and Steady Rebound for Business Travel

We touched on this in a July 2020 blog article, but the trend is continuing. Private air charter travel has adapted faster to bio-safety concerns than commercial airlines. Although commercial airlines are recovering, they still cannot match the safety, route customization, and flexibility of an on-demand private air charter. We expect that more families will be choosing private air charters for summer travel.

3. Retooling and Carbon Offsetting

Some airlines have used this period to retool their fleets to meet carbon emission goals. This a trend we hope will continue. As a charter broker, Stratos Jet Charters does not own a fleet of aircraft. However, we actively participate in the TerraPass carbon offset program.  We recognize that the private air charter jets we book burn fossil fuels, and we have a responsibility to foster environmental alternatives.

4. International Documentation Changes

It will come as no surprise that documentation changes are being implemented in the air travel industry. Depending on your destination and itinerary, you may be required to demonstrate that you have had a negative COVID test or a COVID vaccination. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has an excellent FAQ page on the new international documentation requirements.

5. High Demand for Smaller Aircraft

This was a trend that emerged in 2020 during the initial lockdown period. During that time, our clients scrambled to fly family and employees home or to safer locations. As a result of these bookings, many first-time charter travelers experienced the luxury and convenience of a private air charter. Now, when they choose to travel, those clients are booking small jet and turboprop charters the way one would rent an SUV for short-range ground travel. Private air charter travel is still the fastest and most comfortable way to get a group to a location together.

So what do these trends mean for Stratos clients? As racing legend Bobby Unser noted, “Success is where preparation and opportunity meet.” Charter clients who have planned their journey and prepared their travel documents will have the advantage when travel opportunities arise. That said, we have built our reputation as a high-quality, safe, on-demand charter service. “On-demand” means if you are ready to fly, we are ready to get you there. 


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