Booking with Stratos Jet Charters gives you choice. Since 2007, Stratos has developed a broad network of on-demand private jets for rent, ready for any charter mission.

But how do we help our clients choose a jet? The primary consideration is aircraft size. We currently have 9 size categories in our network. If you need to transport six to nine passengers, but don’t want the expense of a 16-passenger heavy jet, we recommend a balanced approach: The mid-size jet category. The mid-size is right in the middle of our network–big enough for most clients, small enough to be practical.

Since 2018, the Pilatus PC 24 has become one of the most popular private jets for rent for those who want the versatility of a turbo-prop and the comfort of a medium-light jet.

Here are four features of the mid-size jet category.


The mid-size jet category is where we start to see true trans-continental range. Mid-size private jets for rent have a typical range of 2,000 to 2,800 miles. However, the category-leading Embraer Legacy 450 is capable of 3,300 miles. In real flight terms, that is a supremely comfortable flight from San Francisco to Boston, non-stop.

Luggage capacity

Unlike light and very light jets, mid-size jets are capable of carrying larger items such as snowboards or golf clubs. Most jets in this category carry 50-60 cubic feet of luggage, a little more than a compact SUV with the rear seats folded down. That said, the Swiss-made Pilatus PC-24 jet boasts 90 cubic feet of internal storage, all conveniently accessible from the cabin in-flight.

Cabin Space

Aircraft designers know that plush, roomy cabins are what attract executive clients. Range, speed, and other performance stats are worthless if the passengers are not comfortable. Luckily, mid-size private jets for rent have roomy, practical interiors. Most have club seats facing each other, with fold-out tables and laptop connections for productivity. Mid-sized aircraft are designed for balanced cabin height, width, and stretch-out legroom.

Hawker 700 Jet Charter

With a cabin that’s a class-leading six feet wide, 21 feet long and nearly six feet high, there’s plenty of room to work, stretch and relax.

Airport Accessibility

While not as glamorous as a stylish aircraft interior, airport accessibility is a valuable feature of mid-size jets. Private jets for rent in this category can access rural and regional airports with runways under 5,000 feet in length. If you need to fly a group of eight passengers to a remote resort, factory site, branch office, vacation property, or another non-urban domestic destination, a mid-size jet is the best choice.

The Stratos Advantage

We will gladly help you choose the perfect on-demand jet for your mission. If you would like to preview your jet options, check out our Aircraft Comparison Guide. It lists all the aircraft in our network, including the mid-size jets. You can compare vital factors such as jet range, capacity, speed, and amenities before talking to an agent.


We have built our reputation on the pillars of safety, service, reliability, and transparency. Soar higher with the unrivaled stress-free comfort of a private jet air charter. Call Stratos Jets—888-593-9066.