Years ago, comedian George Carlin created a classic stand-up routine called Stuff.  In it, he meticulously details the “stuff” you choose for your home. Then he lists all the stuff you need for travel. The routine climaxes with an anxiety-fueled list of day-trip stuff versus week-long holiday stuff. It’s funny because it contains a universal truth: what stuff do I need to bring on my trip?

If you have never flown charter before, or only on one aircraft type, you may be wondering what you can bring as private jet luggage. You’ll be delighted to learn there is significant flexibility in the type, size, and amount of luggage you can bring on a private jet charter.

Types of luggage

The first difference from commercial flights is the types of private jet luggage you can bring aboard. You can arrange to bring:

  • pets

  • liquids 

  • sports equipment

  • musical instruments 

  • baby strollers 

  • wheelchairs 

Quite simply, a Stratos private jet charter flight is your customized flight. If you need a special item, we’ll help you find a way to bring it. There are, of course, safety rules for flying with pets. Depending on species and breed, you may need a specialized pet carrier and extra documentation. You can find additional information on this Pet FAQ page.  

Size and Quantity of Private Jet Luggage

Scalability is the biggest Stratos advantage. If you need to fly a small group to Jackson Hole for a ski holiday, we can find a jet with the cargo capacity for your gear. Bringing a large team with display materials to a conference in Vegas? We will find the right-sized jet for your group. Just call one of our Stratos private flight advisors, and we can customize your flight.

And, if you prefer to do some research before speaking with an advisor, all the aircraft in our network are listed on our Aircraft Comparison Page. You can click the ‘Compare Plus’ button to see side-by-side descriptions of jet speed, cargo capacity, range, and typical charter rates. 


One of the best perks of private jet travel is luggage accessibility. Ever flown on a commercial flight, only to realize you left a crucial item locked in your luggage? Many executive private jets in our network have inflight baggage area access. When you need an important work document or a specific toy for the baby, it can be easily retrieved. 

Before and After Your Flight

If you need help getting your private jet luggage to or from the airport, just talk to our specialty concierge Trip Support Team! They can arrange ground transportation, hotel accommodations, meeting rooms, in-flight amenities, or anything else you may need for a perfect trip. 

So leave the stuff to us. Let us know if you’re traveling with kids, pets, wheelchairs, or other equipment, and we’ll make it work for your flight. 


To book your superbly safe, convenient private luxury charter flight anywhere, call Stratos Jets—888-593-9066.