Take a deep breath…The global pandemic has created a new appreciation for the most basic human need: clean air. Many jet charter clients are genuinely concerned about the air quality in an enclosed aircraft cabin. We understand. Fortunately, when you fly private, your cabin air quality is superior to that of a large commercial jet. In many ways, the air quality is superior to almost any shared space!

Here are three ways aircraft manufacturers help you breathe easier. 

Aircraft cabin air is circulated by one of two methods

The first is a 100% fresh air system. Private jets such as the Gulfstream G650 pull outside air into the purification system. The air is treated with high temperatures and high pressure to remove impurities, before being cooled and circulated through the cabin. Simultaneously, vents draw the old air from the cabin. The result is 100% clean air being refreshed every two minutes or less.  

The second method is a recirculation system. The cabin air is recirculated through the filters, where a quantity of fresh outside air is mixed in, and then re-distributed throughout the cabin. The advantage of this system is it can provide better temperature and humidity control. 

Both of these methods can be augmented with ion pulse systems, which electronically neutralize harmful molecules and particles. 

Do aircraft use HEPA filters?

Clients who fly private expect a higher standard of safety and customization. As a result, even before the pandemic, many manufacturers included High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filtration systems in their aircraft. HEPA filters are the same air filters used by hospitals to maintain a sterile environment. They are designed to capture 99.97% of airborne contaminants, as small as 0.3 microns. 

Currently, many of the aircraft in the Stratos Charter network come with HEPA air systems, including the Citation Latitude and Bombardier Global series. As manufacturers learned more about the virus, many aircraft have since been retrofitted with HEPA filters as a protective measure.  

The Stratos Private Jet Advantage

When you fly private, there are inherent safety benefits for passengers:

  • Smaller aircraft. Smaller jets are easier to clean, carry smaller passenger groups and have a faster cabin air refresh rate.
  • On-demand direct flights. Our Charter Travel Agents can choose the perfect route and aircraft for your mission. Rarely do you need to switch airports or aircraft, thereby reducing contact risk.
  • Fixed Base Operators (FBOs). FBOs are private jet terminals, usually apart from the main public terminal. The only people you will encounter are your aircrew, ground personnel, and your own charter group. It keeps the bubble small and safe. 

This year has heightened our appreciation of air quality. And though vigilance is warranted, it is not the end of private jet travel. Prudent travelers fly private, knowing that the cabin air is purified to exacting standards. Breathe easy; we always take your safety seriously.


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