Carbon Offset

Falcon 7X Air Charter Flight

A carbon offset is a monetary contribution to renewable energy research and production projects designed to offset the effect of carbon emissions. Stratos Jets, through its Eco-jet Charter Program, offers clients the option of buying carbon offsets. This typically amounts to less than one per cent of the total private jet charter cost. In order to utilize these carbon offsets in a meaningful way, Stratos Jets partners TerraPass. This company offers carbon-offsetting products to both business and individuals. TerraPass uses the proceeds from the Stratos eco-jet program to fund greenhouse gas reduction initiatives in several key areas. These include:

  • Wind energy
  • Farm methane digesters
  • Landfill methane flaring
  • Clean energy

A Positive Impact

As we all know, private charter flights burn fossil fuels. Until someone develops an alternative—such as electric- or solar-powered aircraft—this won’t change. This is why the eco-jet charter program is so important. It gives private jet travelers an opportunity to balance a negative impact with a positive one. Even by increasing the total private jet charter cost by just one percent, the eco-jet program allows clients to make a significant impact. This is because companies like TerraPass are able to channel contributions for multiple businesses and individuals into large projects.

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