Carbon Emissions

Carbon emissions refer to the release of carbon gases (also known as greenhouse gases) into the atmosphere through the burning of fossil fuels. This includes everything from burning coal to power factories to burning jet fuel in private planes. Carbon emissions are widely believed to have a negative impact on climate change. Over the past two centuries, industrialization of our civilization has led to an exponential increase in the amount of fossil fuels we burn. As a result, more carbon gases reach the atmosphere. One of the consequences of this is that these gases help trap heat, similar to how a greenhouse functions (hence the name). Even a small increase to the average temperature of the planet could have significant social, environment and economical impacts. This includes:

  • Arctic ice is melting
  • Sea levels are rising
  • More severe and unpredictable weather patterns

Offsetting Emissions Caused by Private Planes

To counteract this pattern, companies like Stratos Jet Charters are rallying behind initiatives designed to offset carbon emissions caused by private planes. Through our Eco-Jet Charter program, we give corporate clients and individual an opportunity to support clean energy programs. We do this by partnering with an organization called TerraPass. They use a combination of educational awareness and customer funded emissions-reduction programs, such as:

  • Farm animal waste management
  • Wind-generated electricity
  • Landfill gas capture

TerraPass also works with companies to develop targeted renewable energy solutions for their specific operations.

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