Over-packing is something everyone does for a trip. You inevitably end up taking way more than you actually need, and you always return home with even more thanks to the clothing and souvenirs you pick up along the way. Thankfully, for people who travel using private jet services, you don’t have the same baggage restrictions you find on commercial airlines. However, there are a few things you need to consider with regards to luggage when booking private charter flights. While baggage policies are much looser than flying commercial, there’s a limit to what can physically fit on a plane. Other factors that can affect this include:

  • Number of passengers
  • Length of runway
  • Size of plane
  • Distance of flight

There’s a misconception that you can simply show up for a charter flight with an infinite amount of luggage and find a way to make it fit. It would be great if that were true, but each type of aircraft has a limited amount of storage space.

The Bigger the Plane…

International jet charter As you might imagine, the larger the plane, the more space for your luggage. As a general guideline:

  • Turbo props and light jets hold five or six pieces of luggage
  • Mid-sized jet charters hold seven to eight pieces
  • Super mid-sized aircraft hold nine or 10 baggage items
  • Heavy charter jets can handle up to 20 large suitcases
  • Charter airlines have capacities similar to commercial airlines

Choosing the Right Private Jet for Your Trip

As you can see, the variety of private jet services available is quite considerable. Selecting the appropriate sized jet for your trip will help you get the most value for your air travel dollar. For instance, if you’re looking to go on a quick weekend getaway with a few friends, you’re likely only going to need a smaller sized aircraft, such as a Hawker 400 or Citation 500. It would be simple to pack an overnight bag, and, depending on your chosen destination, pick up any other necessities you might require upon arrival. But what if you need more storage space for your luggage? There are number of instances where air travelers require more than just a suitcase. Private jet services’ luggage accommodations are ideal for international moves, gigs and games.  -Photo by Unsplash[/caption] Moving: If you’re relocating to a foreign country—either permanently or for a prolonged period—you’ll want to bring your most important and cherished possessions with you. Professional athletes: Coordinating a professional sports team’s road schedule is a huge logistical challenge. Hiring a charter airline to transport players and their equipment is often the most practical method. Musicians: Touring rock stars often have jam-packed itineraries, travelling from city to city to perform gigs. Having the ability to travel with their gear and entourage in one private air charter is a huge convenience. If you’re looking to travel the world in spacious style, read our post: Why Choose a Charter Plane for International Travel. Looking for an air charter broker that provides an array of private jet services? Stratos Jets has access to more than 3,500 safety-audited aircraft in various sizes and styles to suit your air travel needs. Call us to find the one that’s right for you. We’re available 24/7 and we can make bookings with as little as four hour’s notice—(888) 593-9066 (toll free) or request a quote online.