THE THRILL OF INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL is enough to get anyone’s heart racing. Whether you’re planning on exploring the Amazon Basin on a guided tour or the daiquiri menu by the poolside bar in a luxury seaside resort in Spain, it’s always a pleasure to get out and see the world. By choosing a charter plane for air travel, you’ll have the time and mindset to enjoy even more of it. People who travel abroad on commercial airlines usually accept that part of their hard-earned time off will be wasted getting to their destination. This usually soaks up a day on either end of the journey, possibly two for longer trips. Much of this squandered time can be attributed to the fact that commercial passengers:

  • Are required to arrive at the terminal three hours prior to departure for most international flights
  • Experience lengthy layovers waiting for connecting flights
  • Are more prone to flight delays and cancellations
  • Often need multiple modes of transportation to reach their final destination

Take the Stress out of Air Travel with a Charter Plane

Whether you're into cathedrals or beaches, you'll have more time to explore and relax abroad when you have your own itinerary and a charter plane.

Whether you’re into cathedrals or beaches, you’ll have more time to explore and relax abroad when you have your own itinerary and a charter plane.

Not only do the challenges of commercial air travel take up valuable time, they add stress to the process. Many commercial passengers often need a little downtime after flying to unwind before they start to enjoy their actual holiday. Much of this inconvenience can all be avoided with a private plane charter. For starters, there’s no need to show up at the airport way ahead of time. For most airports, you can arrive 30 minutes before your scheduled departure. You also get to:

  • Skip those lengthy check-in queues
  • Avoid the intense scrutiny of airport security
  • Access your flight through a private terminal or hanger
  • Enjoy the private jet’s cabin, crew and amenities all to yourself

In other words, you’ll be shaving hours off your travel time by choosing a charter plane, and your flight experience will be relaxing and convenient. To learn how you can find discounted charter flights, read Empty Legs Flights Offer the Full Private Jet Experience at a Discount.

So Many Airports to Choose from

One aspect of air travel that often gets overlooked is the distance between the airport and your final destination. Most commercial hubs are centrally located near larger centers, which is fine if that’s where you’ll be staying. Otherwise, you might have to rely on alternate transportation to get there:

  • Charter bus
  • Taxi
  • Car rental
  • Connecting flight

If you’re staying out in the countryside or somewhere away from a major airport, chartering a private jet allows you to find smaller, regional airports that’ll let you touch down closer to where you’re staying. Looking for the fastest, most convenient way to travel internationally? Stratos Jet Charters has access to more than 3,500 pre-screened planes worldwide, and with more than 7,000 airports to choose from, we can get you closer to your final destination. Our agents are available 24/7 to arrange flights that suit your schedule­—(888) 593-9066 (toll free) or request a quote online.   Photos courtesy Ryan McGuire/Gratisography.