Highlighting Stratos Jets Participation at the 2011 ACANA Panel Discussion

ACANA President, Joel Thomas, Introduces ACANA Panel
“Leadership is intentional influence.” — Michael McKinney, 1980

What does it mean to be an industry leader? At Stratos Jet Charters, we believe that a leader should play an important part in establishing best business practices and fostering those ideals in the industrial community. Stratos Jets, a worldwide air charter agency, is a recognized leader in the air charter industry, having taken an active role in the Air Charter Association of North America (ACANA).

Stratos Jets was able to further spread these ideals through recent participation in ACANA’s panel discussion at the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) conference in Las Vegas. The panel discussion was centered on educating the air charter community about best practices and safety concerns, and included discussions with industry professionals and members of the Department of Transportation.

The discussion was introduced by Stratos Jets and ACANA President Joel Thomas. It was intended to meet ACANA’s goals for greater transparency and best practices within the jet charter community. At Stratos Jets, we believe that when air charter consumers are made more knowledgeable about the requirements and assurances of their charter experience, that they will make informed decisions about their air charter service provider.

This policy has been a hallmark of Stratos Jets since our inception in 2007. Stratos Jets agents are among the most knowledgable in the industry regarding aircraft and FAA regulations, and it is our policy to openly discuss these matters with our clients.

The panel discussion also explored business practices performed by charter brokers and Part 135 and 121 operators. The highlight of this discussion was the value that such organizations continue to grant to the air charter industry. The discussion helped to further clarify contractual language for customers as well as the latest news regarding the HR5900 legislative action.

In addition, ACANA members were pleased to be a part of industry-changing discussions that included private and government interests. The issues discussed are particularly relevant to day-to-day professionals in the air charter industry. Having a voice in these talks has helped ACANA and its members to solidify themselves as leaders within the air charter industry.

By working with the DOT, ACANA hopes to continue to raise the bar for both new companies and established charter firms. It is the shared belief of all ACANA members that the best governance for an industry is the industry itself, and in this light, ACANA is committed to raising the standard for all air charter organizations.

Stratos Jets is proud to be a leading member of ACANA and to take part in these important discussions that will help build the future of our industry. As an ACANA member, Stratos Jets hopes to encourage other organizations to adopt ACANA’s best practices and standards for excellence. Stratos Jets continues to help further ACANA’s mission of educating air charter consumers.

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