After months of economic uncertainty, corporate America is getting back to work. Unquestionably, global health concerns have impacted corporate travel budgets and itineraries.  But now, perhaps more than ever is the right time to charter on-demand corporate private jets for business travel.

Business leaders gained their position by meeting, collaborating, negotiating, and connecting with clients and peers. It’s possible to meet online, but not always productive. Sometimes you have to golf with a client or tour their factory before you can sign a business deal.

If you book travel for an executive team, here are three reasons to use Stratos private jet travel to boost your corporate bottom line.

Why Travel Now?

Corporate travel is much more than client meetings. Smart executives travel to seek investments, tour facilities, demonstrate products, and bolster team morale. In periods of upheaval, leaders need to visible.

In 2005, President George W. Bush’s popularity plummeted because he flew over post-Katrina New Orleans, instead of landing to meet with local officials. Employees and shareholders need to see their leaders onsite, taking charge. The easiest way to facilitate that is by chartering a corporate private jet.


Meeting with clients and teams is how CEOs grow their brands. After months of virtual meetings, a face-to-face meeting (socially-distanced, of course) could reap huge benefits. It shows interest, trust, and perseverance. If you are currently tasked with arranging travel for your executive team, we suggest you look at the benefits of Stratos:


  • Corporate private jets in our network are cleaned to a higher standard than ever before
  • Fly only with the people that are already in your safety bubble
  • Since corporate jets only carry between 8-14 passengers, they are easier to sanitize between and during flights
  • Cabin air is filtered and refreshed rapidly inflight; many jets use hospital-quality HEPA filters

(If you’d like to know more about our bio-safety measures, have a look at our COVID Questions Page.)


  • Chartering a corporate private jet means you choose the itinerary
  • Depart and arrive on your ideal schedule for meetings
  • Access smaller regional airports that require less driving time
  • Baggage loading & security screening go very quickly
  • Work inflight, with fold-out meeting tables, onboard Wi-Fi & satellite phones, and no distractions


It’s a valuable “hidden” perk of corporate private jet travel. A rested corporate team has better meetings. Comforts include:

  • Plush face-to-face comfort seating
  • In-flight entertainment, online gaming, and chef-selected meals
  • Some jets have fold-down seats for sleeping; larger jets are equipped with bedrooms and showers

In addition to arranging flights, Stratos Jet Charters also has a team dedicated to concierge services. Talk to our Trip Support Team to arrange ground transportation, special catering requests, hotel rooms, and anything else you may need for a successful business flight.


When you are ready to grow your business with a luxury private jet charter, call Stratos Jets—888-593-9066.