At the height of the pandemic, travelers began asking, “How clean is the air on an airplane?” This question, and its answer, brought countless new fliers to the world of private aviation.

Even as the World Health Organization declared the end of COVID as a global health emergency, many chose to continue chartering jets after experiencing the heightened safety, comfort and luxury of private travel.

Today, three years after the start of the pandemic, fliers still wonder how clean the air is on an airplane, and if the air is any fresher on private jets. Here are the answers to travelers’ most-asked questions about air quality on planes and private jets in 2023.

1. How fresh is the air on an airplane?

With great circulation and high-quality filters, the air on a plane is incredibly clean, especially on private jets.

Aircraft typically use a fresh air system that processes air before circulating it through the cabin. Vents, usually located near the tail, remove old air from the cabin. This creates a constant supply of clean air refreshed every two minutes or less.

2. How good is airplane ventilation?

It depends on your plane. Even before the pandemic, private fliers saw higher levels of safety and ventilation, with many jet manufacturers equipping their aircraft with high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filtration systems. These medical-grade filters are the same systems used by hospitals to capture 99.97% of airborne contaminants.

Many private aircraft in our network are outfitted with HEPA filters, including both the popular Citation Latitude and Bombardier Global series.

3. What are the odds of getting COVID on a plane?

During the pandemic, the odds of getting COVID on a flight were low, but not zero. The risk increased depending on the variant, but effective filtration and circulation helped keep fliers safe.

However, on commercial airlines, you’re surrounded by other passengers. When people talk, sneeze or cough, small droplets of saliva enter the air that can potentially be inhaled before passing through the plane’s filtration system. On a private jet, the only other passengers are the people you invite. With fewer and only select people on board, you are far less likely to get COVID on a private jet.

Private aviation also reduces touchpoints before and after the flight. When you buy a seat through a commercial airline, you can expect to spend several hours in the airport. With a private jet charter, you arrive at the FBO a few minutes before your flight and are ready to take to the skies. 

From ensuring air quality to working with only the best air carriers in the industry, safety is our top priority at Stratos. Whether you’re planning your first or your 50th charter, our private flight advisors are dedicated to helping you make the most of your mission. That means selecting the right private jet, securing a well-trained crew that meets our rigorous standards and coordinating arrival and departure at the airports best suited to your trip.

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