How an Empty Leg Flight Can Fill Your Travel Needs

Let’s talk about the benefits of empty legs. And no, we are not talking about your nephew who can put away three helpings of holiday dinner. Essentially, an empty leg flight is repositioning flight, to get a specific aircraft to a specific location prior to a charter booking.

To offset the cost of flying an empty aircraft to a destination, Stratos Jet Charters offers discounts for empty leg flights. These flights are often priced about 25 to 75 percent less, depending on the type of aircraft and the route.  Here’s how savvy private jet travelers can take advantage of an empty leg flight:

Be Flexible. This is a crucial point. Your empty leg flight may not line up with your ideal travel itinerary. For example, you might have to depart from an airport that’s further away, or depart at a less than optimal time. But the upside of these minor inconveniences is comfortable private jet travel at one of the lowest charter prices you’ll find.

Be Ready. Smart travelers know that even last-minute empty leg deals require some preparation. You’ll still need your passport and other travel documents. If you have special physical needs or are traveling with pets, please inform us ahead of time. We will do our utmost to accommodate you. But be aware that not every aircraft, crew or route may be able to meet your needs. Talk to one of our agents; they can answer your specific questions.

Be Friendly.Most of our business travelers are excellent at networking. This is a definite advantage when traveling together on an empty leg flight. If you can connect with friends or other travelers, consider splitting the travel costs between the group. You may find your private empty leg flight to be even cheaper than a flight with a major airline.

What are the next steps? Our Stratos Empty Leg web page shows the most common empty leg routes and has an online form to request a quote. Or just call the number below, and one of our knowledgeable private flight advisors will gladly help you.

Wondering why empty legs can’t be as cheap as a ticket on commercial flight? There’s a good reason for that. Check out our previous post to find out: Why Can’t Empty Leg Flights Go for Really, Really Cheap?


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