Take Advantage of Private Jet Membership in 2019


As the calendar year and sales quarter wind down, most of us are looking at our travel plans for 2019. For some travelers, you’ll need to book a private jet for important follow-up meetings with clients. And we hope some of you are booking a well-deserved holiday. So, before your 2019 Travel Agenda is completely filled, we thought we’d recommend a way to save time and stress in the New Year. It’s a Stratos Private Jet Membership; the perfect item for the traveler who has everything

What Is A Stratos Private Jet Membership, and What Can It Do?

The membership allows you to purchase a number of flying hours at a fixed price. Usually, a 25-hour card is ideal for most needs.Recently, Forbes.com reported that there are over 65 variables considered in booking a private jet. A Stratos Private Jet Membership takes the guesswork and many variables out of a private jet flight booking.

There are so many perks to investing in a membership, like:

·Ability to fly virtually anywhere, without the cost of owning and maintaining a private jet.

·A guarantee that your aircraft will be available with as little as 10 hours notice.

·No need to shop for quotes or pay invoices. You pay once, upfront. Done.

·No worries about market-driven price fluctuations. You only pay for the time you are in the aircraft. In contrast, on-demand charters (i.e. non-membership charters) are dependent on aircraft availability and positioning, which can incur additional fees before you even step onboard.


·Preferred-client consistency. A Stratos Private Jet Membership means our air charter professionals can understand your flying needs, and provide the height of service accordingly. We can suggest the aircraft and amenities that make every flight an outstanding flight.

Pricing for a private jet card membership is based on the class of aircraft you choose. The larger the aircraft, the more the card costs. However, you still gain all the cost benefits and schedule flexibility of a fixed-price pre-payment. 

What’s the next step? You can go to our StratosPrivate Jet Membership page, or you can always call the Stratos Team at the number below. Get the card, and soar higher in 2019!


If you’re looking for a private jet rental company that offers private jet memberships, consider Stratos Jet Charters. We can arrange jet charters to any destination in the world. 


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