When you hire a private jet, you’ll notice most jets are painted white. And not just any white, but a specific shade called Matterhorn White. It’s reminiscent of Henry Ford’s famous quote about the Model T, “Any customer can have his car painted any color he wants, as long as it is black.” Ford was keeping costs down by limiting color choices. But what about private jets? There are a number of practical and aesthetic reasons that when you hire a private jet, it’s probably white.

Top 5 Reasons Private Jets are White

It’s a blank page. Our eyes are used to black print on a white page, or dark pixels against a light background. It’s a clean starting point to add a corporate logo for the best visual impact. Also, each aircraft’s registration number must be prominently displayed on the tail. A white back background provides high-contrast readability, ideal for mandatory aircraft identification.

It reflects heat. This advantage is huge when you consider that when you hire a private jet, it may spend hours on the hot tarmac. Not only is heat reflection good for personal comfort in the cabin, it benefits the aircraft. Metals, plastics, electronics and fuels are all sensitive to sustained high temperatures. A white aircraft is a cool aircraft.

White increases resale value. If you purchase a pre-owned aircraft, you can have some portions repainted, without the expense of repainting the whole aircraft.

White doesn’t show fading. All paints fade, especially when exposed to the variable weather conditions private jets encounter. But whites fade less. As a bonus, it is much easier for maintenance teams to spot leaks or cracks on a white surface.

Psychology. Aircraft manufacturers have measured the response to various aircraft colors.There are, of course, gender and cultural variables that affect color perception. But generally speaking, white is popular for cars, appliances and aircraft because it inspires confidence and reliability. When you hire a private jet that’s white, your brain sees “a clean machine” that can travel through white clouds with ease.


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