When you call our toll-free number or request a quote through our website, your private plane charter questions are handled by one of our friendly specialist agents. Each has a diverse skill set and duties to make your private plane charter experience go smoothly. Some handle charter bookings exclusively, while others handle follow-up support for the flight. It’s always valuable to know who can help you best. So, here’s a background peek at our Stratos Jet Charter Customer Support Team.

Charter Sales Agents 

This is our frontline team when you contact Stratos. Our Charter Sales Agents evaluate your travel needs to identify the appropriate aircraft type for your travel plan.  Because airplanes move from one place to another, pricing is determined by three variables. Our agents look at aircraft availability, its position related to your intended departure location, and where the aircraft needs to be after your flight.   

“It is my job to identify the appropriate aircraft at the best available price and to give insights into the operational history of the air carrier to help you make an informed buying decision.”

Essentially, a Private Plane Charter Sales Agents finds the client and finds them the plane that best fulfills their travel needs.

Trip Support Agents

Once the aircraft has been selected for your private plane charter flight, our Trip Support team takes over. They work with the customer, the air carrier and the concierge service providers to organize all of the travel details. Trip Support Agents are the ones who actually plan the flight.

Trip Support is responsible for coordinating the:

     – Departure time

     – Departure and arrival FBO (Fixed-Base Operator) location

     – Ensuring assigned crew members meet Stratos experience requirements

     – Making sure the insurance is current and that there is adequate coverage.

     – Organizing any in-flight meals and entertainment.

     – Coordinating all concierge services (ground transportation, hotels, meeting rooms etc.)

     – Any changes to the flight go through Trip Support.

We hope it helps to know “Who’s Who” in our support team. Call or request an online quote for a private plane charter today.


If you’re looking for a private plane rental company that can arrange luxury charter flights to anywhere in the world, call Stratos Jets—888-593-9066.