Sometimes we don’t need to transport ourselves, but other things, like dangerous or oversized products not supported by commercial aircraft, medical or humanitarian aid items, confidential documents and more. In some cases, it might make sense to book a private cargo jet as opposed to shipping those items with a specialized courier.

Here’s a deeper look at cargo jet charters and what you need to know before booking one.

What is a Private Cargo Jet Charter?

Cargo charters are a bit complex as they are required to meet FAA regulations, customs requirements and handling procedures that can vary by both departure and arrival locations.

There are several scenarios when a private cargo plane is hired, like: 

Transporting live animals. When dealing with animals, there are special considerations to be taken at every stage of the journey. The right aircraft, correct documentation and special handling concerns during transport are just a few of them.

Time-sensitive deliveries. Last-minute cargo flights may be required when faced with a critical deadline.

Automotive and aviation-specific deliveries. Sometimes moving heavy, cumbersome pre-assembled pieces or replacement parts within a narrow window of time warrant the use of a private cargo jet charter.

Humanitarian aid. Many times, especially in the last few months, humanitarian aid is needed in foreign locations. The challenging logistics of moving a cargo flight into and out of a certain area requires coordination with an experienced travel expert.

The 5 Different Types of Private Cargo Jets

There are several different types of cargo charters you can hire for your mission, depending on your shipping requirements.

Feeders: These aircraft can haul 10 to 30 tonnes of freight over shorter distances. Feeders are typically used to move from one small or medium-sized hub to another.

Large freighters: This is the largest cargo option available in the industry today. Large freighters can accommodate 70 to 110 tonnes of freight. The downside to this type of cargo aircraft is that many airports are unable to accommodate an aircraft of this size, which creates its own set of logistical challenges.

Regional freighters: Like their name implies, these types of cargo jets are typically smaller and are used to travel shorter distances. The regional freighters are typically set up in a single-aisle   configuration and can transport about 25 to 65 tonnes of freight.

Long-range freighters: These long-haul aircraft are great for reaching international destinations, and they can accommodate up to 70 tonnes of freight.

Specialized aircraft: If you need to transport dangerous or exceptional goods, this type of aircraft is the ideal choice. They can be configured to carry toxic products, military goods, spacecraft, and medical devices. They’re typically designed to land at remote destinations, making use of very short runways, including runways that are unpaved.

So how much can a private jet carry?

If you book a private jet charter, there are rules to follow when it comes to allowable baggage. When compared to a private cargo jet, these personal jet rentals accommodate substantially less freight. Private jets are only meant to carry passengers and their belongings, not specialty freight.

Here’s a look at what each type of private aircraft category can carry in terms of luggage:

Turboprop Aircraft: These small aircraft are quite economical, but can typically accommodate a little more luggage that light jets of an equivalent size.

King Air 250 charter flight

Light Jets: These small aircraft are fairly compact in terms of storage space, but some of them are capable of carrying sport equipment, like surfboards and golf clubs, in addition to luggage.

Book Citation Bravo Private jet Charter

Mid-size Jet: A step above the light jets in terms of storage capacity, mid-size jets are typically able to accommodate more luggage that their smaller counterparts.

Legacy 450 Private Jet

Heavy Jet: With their long ranges and roomy cabins, heavy jets are spacious enough to provide amble storage for luggage and personal belongings.

Ember Lineage 1000 Private Jet Charter

Booking a Private Cargo Jet with Stratos

At Stratos Jet Charters, we’ve been part of the aviation industry for nearly two decades. Since our inception, we’ve proudly contributed to the safe delivery of air freight and humanitarian relief to unfortunate areas around the globe. We know how challenging it can be to transport goods on private cargo jet charters, but we make it easy for you. Our private flight advisors are among the most well-trained and experienced in the industry and have provided air charter freight services for hundreds of domestic and international organizations.

In addition to providing cargo charter flights, our team can also handle the other arrangement, like:

  • Ground transportation
  • Pickup and delivery
  • Loading and unloading
  • Warehousing
  • Courier service

To make sure our clients enjoy peace of mind when placing their freight needs in our hands, we can also arrange cargo liability insurance to protect the items you’re transporting. We also independently audit our partner operators through third-party firms like ARGUS and Wyvern. This ensures they comply with FAA and DOT regulations, as well as our in-house safety standards.

At Stratos, we strive to deliver an elevated customer experience, even when dealing with freight. Let us be your reliable partner for on-time air freight and cargo service.


Ready to soar your goods higher than ever before? Trust the knowledgeable private flight advisors at Stratos Jet Charters. We’ve successfully executed hundreds of private cargo jet services for nearly 20 years. For a free freight quote, call us today: (888)593-9066!