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Private Jet Bedrooms: The Best Planes for Late-night Flights

If you’ve spent time on a red-eye flight, you know how important a private jet bedroom or berthable seats can be. While the lights twinkle around you, the thought of closing your eyes and catching some sleep before your arrival has never sounded better.

You shouldn’t have to sacrifice sleep in the name of productivity and travel efficiency. Here are a few of our favorite private jets with beds and other satisfying sleeping accommodations.

Private Jet Bedrooms vs. Fully-reclining Seats & Couches

Let’s say you’ve got a big trip ahead of you, and in the interest of maximizing your time and productivity on the ground, you decide to book a red-eye flight. When your private flight advisors lists the available aircraft for your trip, you’ll want to consider the:

  • Size of the aircraft
  • Aircraft amenities
  • Aircraft specs
  • Your own personal travel preferences

For example, if you’re hopping on a quick flight and you’re interested in taking a nap, a cabin with reclining seats and a couch may do you justice.

If you have a longer, overnight flight and want to get quality sleep before you land, a larger aircraft with a private jet bedroom is something to consider.

In most cases, a standard heavy jet, like a Gulfstream G450 or Challenger 605, does not have a bedroom and long range jets usually have a portion of the cabin that can be closed off to make a bedroom, but not a dedicated room.

To have a dedicated bedroom and in most cases a full bathroom including shower, one would have to book an executive airliner like the Embraer Lineage, Boeing Business Jet or Airbus Corporate jet. These aircraft cost more to charter, but they offer ample space to enjoy a good night’s sleep. Some consider it the most important luxury of all.

However, if you only plan on catching a brief nap since you’re not much of a deep sleeper anyway, a smaller aircraft with the acceptable performance capabilities will do. Midsize and super-midsize jets often come with sofas or berthable seats that are optimal for short periods of sleep. They also come at a lower hourly rate than their larger counterparts.

Private Jet Bedrooms: The Most Luxurious Picks

If your journey includes reaching the height of luxury, these airliners are the perfect picks for private jet charters.

Luxury Airbus A380 Jet Charters

A full-service bar on an Airbus A380.

The Airbus A380

This aircraft is arguably the most luxurious aircrafts available for charter on the market. This jumbo-sized jet costs about $500 million and resembles a penthouse in the sky. These jets are used by major airlines and are typically configured to accommodate 800 passengers, but the ones available for charter are much different in nearly every way. The private charter version is outfitted with several distinct areas and can accommodate several passengers.

The cabin of the A380 resembles a large penthouse, and offers a full-sized dining room, master bedroom (including a king-sized bed!), an ensuite bathroom and so much more. If money is of no concern, the Airbus airliner is by far the most luxurious option for a private jet bedroom (and so much more).

Boeing 777X

The Boeing 777X is one of the most luxurious private jets available for charter on the market.

The Boeing 777X

Touted as a “Mansion in the Sky,” the 777x does not disappoint. This fully-appointed luxury airliner can travel half-way around the world, and to keep the passengers as comfortable as possible during these long flights, every thinkable amenities has been included.

The interiors of these aircraft can vary widely from operator to operator, however, they all typically include:

  • A grand entrance
  • Spacious dining area for up to 12 guests
  • Bar and lounge area
  • Office and meeting room
  • Full lavatories with stand-up showers and separate vanities
  • Walk-in closets
  • Master bedroom suite with an extra-large bed

If you’re planning on flying from Sydney to London or Seattle to Dubai and intend on catching several hours of sleep along the way, this airliner is the perfect charter solution.

Private Jets with Bedrooms and Showers: The Most Economical Picks

If you’ve still got plans of taking advantage of a private jet bedroom, but not looking to splurge on an airliner, these aircraft are wonderful too.

Global 7500 Charter Jet

The Global 7500 is a popular charter option among the jetset.

1. The Global 7500

This immensely popular charter aircraft boasts a luxurious interior that’s divided into multiple distinct living spaces, one of which includes a master bedroom with its own ensuite and shower. Start the flight with dinner in the designated dining room, head into the entertainment suite for a quick movie.

Afterwards, enjoy a steamy shower and then stretch out in the comfort of your own private jet bedroom for a good night’s rest. Before you know it, you’ll arrive at your destination thoroughly relaxed and refreshed.

Ember Lineage 1000 Private Jet Charter

At 443 cubic feet of storage, the Lineage 1000 provides the most amount of storage capacity in the heavy jet category.

2. The Embraer Lineage 1000

This ‘ultra-large’ jet typically features five distinct living quarters, and yes, a master bedroom with ensuite is one of them. Another feature that travelers enjoy about the Lineage is the walk-in cargo area. This is a great option for those that need to retrieve items from their luggage easily and efficiently.

If you’re attending a special event, you can kick off your trip with a good night’s sleep in your private jet bedroom followed by a luxurious shower. Then, you can head right to the cargo area and grab your waiting dress or suit that’s been specially hung and stored for the occasion.

3. BBJ

Flying by private jet doesn’t have to involve boarding a small aircraft, especially if you’re flying with a large group of people. Boeing Business Jets makes it possible to experience the luxury and convenience of private jet travel without taking away the space provided by the commercial airplane. BBJ offers customizable private jets for personal, business and governmental travel.

No matter your reason for travel, a BBJ flight includes all of the necessities you feel and look your best by the time you land. Beyond a private jet bedroom for rest, you also gain access to an office, shower, dining facilities, and entertainment areas for the ultimate flying experience.

Private Jet Bedrooms on the Fly

Of course, sometimes a trip requires a much smaller aircraft. In that case, be sure to mention to your private flight advisor that you’d like an aircraft with a couch or fully-reclinable or berthable seats. When space is limited, simply turn the entire cabin into a bedroom so you can catch some sleep on a short-haul flight.

Find the Private Jet Bedroom of Your Dreams

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