With private jet travel demand soaring to unprecedented heights, we’ve welcomed more new-to-private-aviation travelers to the industry than ever before. As these first-time flyers take to the skies, we’re constantly fielding calls about the cost of chartering a luxury private jet charter.

To demystify private air travel and hold up our value of providing transparent and honest advice, we’ve compiled nearly everything you need to know when booking a private jet charter.

So how much does a private jet charter cost?

Well, that can vary on many variables, but for a quick and easy estimate, you can try our private jet cost estimator. This online tool only requires your travel destination, date, and number of passengers to calculate an estimate. Within seconds, you’ll have a really good idea of how much a trip on a private jet will set you back.

Get Your Instant Estimate

We also get asked how much a 12-seater private jet is, or other similar questions, but those questions all depend on the jet requested. When getting your instant quote, you’ll need to dive into each aircraft category to determine which aircraft best suits your needs. 

We also encourage potential flyers to reach out to a private flight advisor. We’d be happy to answer these questions and help you pick the best charter for your mission. 

Dive into the Value of a Luxury Private Jet Charter 

Chartering a private jet involves more than just flying to your destination. When you and your travel companions arrive at the FBO prior to take off, it may seem like a simple process to board. But there are so many different variables involved behind the scenes, including personnel, repositioning, weather-related costs, and more.

And right now, we’re seeing a huge demand, which greatly affects availability, and this is reflected in the cost as well.

Base Hourly Rates for Aircraft

When you book a charter, depending on where you’re headed, you can select which aircraft size and type you’d like to fly in. This can range from something as small as a turbo prop jet charter to a very large commercial airliner. 

Here are some examples:

Turboprop charters: the Beechcraft King Air 250 

Charter a King Air 250 This eight-seater turboprop aircraft is versatile and reliable. They’re perfect for landing at those smaller, hard-to-reach airports, island hopping, and more. Of all the turboprop charters, the King Air 250 has the least cabin noise. The leather seats are also really comfortable, and the layout has been considered to maximize inflight comfort and productivity.


The hourly base rate for this aircraft is $2,000 – $2,450.



Mid-sized jet charters: the Hawker 750

Hawker 750 Private Jet Charter Right in the middle of aircraft categories lies the mid-size jet charters. Let’s focus on one. The Hawker 750 offers passengers supreme comfort in a versatile package. With room for eight passengers, the cabin also boasts a forward galley, roomy lavatory, and 47 cubic feet of storage.



The hourly base rate for this aircraft is $5,800 – $6,300.



Ultra-long Range jet charters: the Global 7500

Global 7500 Private jetKnown as the world’s largest and longest-range business jet, the interior is even more impressive. There are multiple distinct living spaces, depending on the configuration, including a club space, a master suite, complete with a bed & stand-up shower, a conference suite, and an entertainment suite. A jet like this will get you from Singapore to San Francisco in non-stop comfort.   

The hourly base rate for this aircraft is $11,600 – $13,850. 



Average base hourly rate by aircraft (before additional costs)

Additional Costs & Fees to Consider

Once you’ve picked your aircraft, the base hourly rate will be applied. From there, some additional costs and fees may also be added. Some to consider include:

So how much is jet fuel?

Fuel surcharges are determined by the aircraft you’ve booked for a charter, the distance you intend to fly, and the cost of fuel at the time of travel.

In January of 2021, the price of Jet AI came in around $450 per metric tonne. Since the cost changes frequently, you may want to visit the IATA website for an up-to-date fuel analysis. 

4 Ways to Save on the Cost of a Luxury Private Jet Charter

Unfortunately, increased demand for luxury private jet charters have driven up the costs due to a lack of availability. This shortage is due to a limited supply of available aircraft, and difficulty sourcing aircraft parts, and that’s causing more delays and lengthy groundings. The industry is also facing crew and pilot shortages. 

1.     Book as early as possible to secure an aircraft at the best available rate.

2.     Be flexible in your travel dates and departure times.

3.     Consider the cost by seat. If you’re heading to the same destination as other travelers, it may be wise to book a charter together. This will not only help with availability, but it’ll also save both parties money.

4.     Pick an aircraft best suited to your mission. This means if you’re traveling a short distance, choose a smaller aircraft, if possible.

Why Book a Luxury Private Jet Charter with Stratos?

Client safety and education are our top priorities. We’ve spent the last two decades investing in our team and technology so we can continue to support our clients and offer an unrivalled customer service experience. 

At Stratos, we only work with the best aircraft providers in the world. That means you can rest assured; you’re receiving the best rates available due to our long-standing partnerships. 

In addition, we also carry our own insurance coverage so our clients can enjoy peace of mind every time they soar higher with Stratos. Our $50-million non-owned liability policy is in addition to a high minimum liability our air carrier partners carry themselves.

When you’re ready to book a luxury private jet charter with one of the most respected charter brokers in the industry, please reach out. We’d love to chat charters with you!