Aircraft Positioning

Private jet charter aircraft in a hangar

In private aviation, aircraft positioning occurs when a charter plane chosen for jet charter service is not currently at the departure origin for the intended trip. This can affect the cost of private jet service, as that aircraft will need to reposition to the departure origin. This costs money in terms of:

  • Fuel
  • Pilot and crew wages
  • Airport fees
  • Aircraft wear and tear

To cover the cost of positioning a private jet, the booking can incur additional fees. In order to reduce the cost of private jet travel, companies like Stratos Jets aim to locate charter planes that require minimal positioning. Obviously, it’s not always possible. For instance, if a client requests a last-minute charter flight, this could limit the number of available private jet rentals in the vicinity of the originating airport. Also, if the point of origin is in a remote location, there may not be suitable charter planes to meet the client’s travel needs. The same goes for charter flights originating from smaller airports.

Membership Programs

One way to avoid positioning costs is to become a Stratos member. In addition to waiving positioning fees, members also benefit from:

  • Guaranteed charter plane availability
  • Fixed-rate pricing
  • Tailored travel experience

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