Many first-time clients and snowbird travelers ask us how the weather might impact their flight. When you book an on-demand private jet charter, you want everything to go smoothly, including the flying weather. And though Stratos Jet Charters cannot control the weather, we can control many of the safety factors to ensure smooth travels.

Here are three ways weather can impact your flight, and how we mitigate them.

Ice and Snow

private jet charter for winter travel

Traveling during the winter months on an on-demand private jet charter may require plane de-icing.

In the winter months, ice and snow are the obvious hindrances to smooth flights. The challenge is two-fold: first, runways and airport facilities must be clear of ice, and secondly, the aircraft itself must be properly de-iced before your flight. The good news is that most on-demand private jet charter flights are on smaller jets, which take less time to de-ice. Of course, preventative de-icing may be necessary year-round.

If your route requires traveling at higher altitudes or over colder locations, (for example, transoceanic and polar flights) your aircraft may require de-icing. These de-icing procedures are built into the pre-flight schedule, and shouldn’t impact your departure time unless there is an extreme shift in weather conditions.


Despite sophisticated weather radar systems, fog can still impact an on-demand private jet charter flight indirectly. When visibility drops because of fog or rain, airports are required to implement safety protocols. Air traffic will be staggered to avoid collisions. So, although your private jet is equipped with excellent weather avionics and flown by experienced pilots, you may be required to wait your turn for take-off or landing.

Stratos Jet Charters offers two advantages over fog delays: We can schedule your flight for afternoon departure, with less fog. And, since the aircraft in our network are designed with executive-class seating and amenities, you’ll be quite comfortable during the brief delay.

Wind and Storms

Crosswinds and storms can also create delays; however, Stratos agents and carriers are adept at scheduling charters around periods of stormy weather.

Although light to medium wind is not a problem for an on-demand private jet charter flight, strong winds and crosswinds require caution. Strong crosswinds may create some turbulence. Your aircrew will advise you to remain seated with your seatbelt on if they anticipate turbulence.

Storms, especially during hurricane season (June to November in the Southern US) are perhaps the most challenging flying weather. Fortunately, the pilots and aircraft in our charter network are adept at storm-avoidance. Our nimble private jets are capable of faster climbs to avoid storm clouds. If our agents and pilots anticipate major storms, they have the flexibility to consult with you to modify the flight schedule.

Commercial airlines don’t have that degree of flexibility.

The Stratos Advantage

So, though the weather can affect your flight, we take a whole-team approach to safety. We employ expert booking agents, well-trained pilots, and efficient ground crews to ensure every weather contingency has been addressed. We are aided by cutting-edge weather technologies, aircraft design, and communications equipment. Your safety and comfort will always be our priority, no matter what the weather.

Enjoy the meticulous all-weather safety, flexibility, and sumptuous comfort of a private jet air charter. Call Stratos Jets—888-593-9066.