At Stratos Jet Charters, our mission has always been to create a broad network of private jets for rent. Some charter brokers offer one or two aircraft types, and that is enough for their market niche. However, our focus is on custom-tailored charter flights, so we offer 9 aircraft types in our network. More choice means our clients get exactly what they need. Charter aircraft are categorized according to size and Maximum Take-Off Weight (MTOW). The most popular size is consistently the Light Jet category.

Here are the reasons why light jets are such a solid travel choice.

Interior Citation Encore

With a range of nearly 1,800 nautical miles and a cruise speed of 492 mph, the cozy Citation Encore can whisk executives from Miami to New York without a fuel stop.

Where it All Began

In the mid-1960s, when private jet travel emerged, there were few categories. Jets were defined as commercial, military, or private. As the charter industry matured in the US, it became apparent that most business travelers were relying on jets capable of carrying 6 passengers up to 1,500 miles and landing at smaller, less-congested regional airports.

Aircraft manufacturers met growing market demand by designing stylish, ultra-comfortable, agile jets, and this is where the light jet category was born.

Charter A Mitsubishi Diamond

The Hawker 400XP’s cabin is the roomiest in the light jet class, due in part to its unique square-oval cabin design that provides more head and shoulder room than its competitors.

The Benefits of a Light Jet                                                                                     

Choice We currently have 23 aircraft types in the light jet category. Need a fast and compact private jet for rent? The 5-seat Falcon 10 and the 7-seat Learjets in this category all fly at over 500 mph. Need more range? The Learjet 35 can easily deliver 7 passengers to a destination 2,500 miles away. In real-world terms, that would be a relaxing charter flight from Seattle to Atlanta, non-stop.

Efficiency  We believe in “right-sizing” our charter bookings. Unless you specifically require a larger aircraft, we will recommend the ideal light jet for your mission. It can save you money on fuel, rental, and other costs when you choose the right jet for your charter travels.

Amenities – All our jets are designed for VIP travelers. You can expect luxury seating, convenient fold-out work surfaces, an enclosed lavatory, extra legroom, and Wi-Fi connectivity. Many families also prefer light jets for holiday travel. Your family will travel in executive-level comfort, with purified cabin air and personal privacy.

Interior Phenom-300

The Phenom 300 was designed to take off from shorter runways, as short as 3,500 feet.

Runway Options – The biggest advantage light jets have over larger private jets for rent is runway access. Chartering a light jet allows you to choose destinations that are unavailable to larger aircraft. When you need to take your executive team to a remote factory site or want to fly your group to an exclusive resort, a light jet is an ideal choice for luxury and value.

These are just a few of the benefits of the diverse light jet category. If you would like detailed information, just visit our Stratos Aircraft Comparison page. It has the specs on each of our private jets for rent, allowing you to do quick side-by-side comparisons. And you are always welcome to call one of our expert jet charter advisors. They’ll help you choose the perfect on-demand light jet for your next group flight.

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