Our clients frequently ask us which jet is the best for corporate travel. It’s a legitimate question – you want to get good value for your dollar. But despite the annual “Top Ten Best” lists published by the travel industry, there is no definitive answer. Our philosophy has always been the best executive private jet is the one that suits your specific on-demand charter needs. That said, there are naturally some jets that are category leaders. Some are larger, some fly faster, some fly further.

Here are four category leaders in the Stratos Jet Charter network.

Most Cost-efficient 


The Beechcraft King Air 300

The turboprop aircraft in our network are the most efficient for cost-conscious executives. For less than $2,500 per hour, your group can charter a comfortable, efficient 6-seat turbo for a quick inter-city flight.  Certainly, the best in the category include the Piaggio P180 Avanti II for speed and range (capable of 3,700 miles at 460 mph), and the Beechcraft King Air series for seating capacity (9 passengers).


Best Range 

Gulfstream G650

The Gulfstream G650

By integrating new materials and new engine designs, some of our aircraft qualify as Ultra-Long Range Jets. Private jets in this category are capable of flying 6,000 miles or more non-stop.  The best executive private jet in the category is the Gulfstream G650, with an impressive 8,055-mile maximum range. That’s a pleasantly smooth flight from Seattle to New Delhi, India in plush executive comfort.



The Challenger 650

This is difficult to score since large aircraft are almost always faster than smaller aircraft. For example, the popular Boeing 767-200 jet is capable of 557 mph, but it is hardly the best executive private jet. Most executive groups don’t need an immense 216-seat airliner to fly to a business meeting. (However, if you need to get a sports entourage to Brazil, call us.) There is one jet in our network that can match the airliners: the elegant 12-seat Challenger 650 heavy jet cruises at an outstanding 590 mph. It is a compact blend of high technology and sophisticated style.


Most Likely to Land Anywhere

Eclipse 500 Private Charter Jet

The Eclipse 500

This is where our nimble smaller jets really shine. The heavier the jet, the more runway it needs.  But if your corporation has branches or factories near small regional airports, the best executive private jet is an agile turboprop, light jet, or very light jet. For example, the 4-seat Eclipse 500 very light jet can get you in and out of an airport with only a 2,500-foot runway. It saves re-routing through a larger hub airport and then having to make up the distance with ground transportation.

Despite having an extensive network of aircraft to choose from, there isn’t really one executive jet that stands above the rest. Our customers deserve the best service, so we tailor every charter flight to match the needs of the client. And though the size, speed, and range of jets may vary, we will provide consistently safe and reliable travel services to our clients.


When you need a private jet charter company that can arrange the best executive flights to anywhere in the world, call Stratos: 888-593-9066