Last month, we looked at the most luxurious private jets. As you’d expect, one is covered in gold and another is practically a soaring white house. But what does the average private jet look like inside?

Just as we saw extremes in the most luxurious private jets, there are notable differences inside the private jets we see every day. Each aircraft, however, has its own take on providing a safe, comfortable and memorable experience.

Here are the answers to five of the most frequently asked questions about the inside of a private jet.

1. Can a private jet have a shower?

Yes, but it depends on the aircraft and its configuration. Larger aircraft, such as Bombardier’s ultra-long-range Global Express come equipped with a full lavatory and shower to help you stay comfortable on cross-country and transatlantic flights.

Want to experience a mile-high shower next time you charter a private jet? Talk to your private flight advisors about your must-have amenities before your next mission.

2. Does a private jet have a bedroom?

Looking for a relaxing arrival at your destination? Whether you’re booking a red-eye flight or crossing multiple time zones, having a good sleep on board your private jet goes a long way to helping you feel refreshed and rejuvenated when your wheels touch the tarmac. 

Thankfully, many mid-size and up private jets have amenities made for getting some shut-eye. With separate areas for working, relaxing, eating and sleeping, the Embraer Lineage 1000 is the perfect example.

3. Do private jets have toilets?

While amenities vary from aircraft to aircraft, most private jets have a toilet. Even small turboprop planes like the Beechcraft King Air 300 feature an enclosed lavatory.

4. Do private jet seats lie flat?

Many do, but not all private jet seats can lie flat. On shorter flights in smaller planes, you’re more likely to spend your time sitting up, chatting with the people you invited on board or getting work done.

Longer flights on larger jets call for elevated comfort. Heavy jets like the Embraer Legacy 650 feature folding seats making it easier to sleep, while many mid-size jets like the Citation VII can be equipped with bench seating.

5. How much does it cost to go in a private jet?

If you want to get a look inside private jets, an on-demand charter is the most affordable way to fly private. 

While the hourly rate varies depending on several factors—including the type of aircraft, its location, aircraft availability and when you fly, among others—smaller jets typically cost less. Turboprop planes are often the least expensive to charter, with hourly rates starting at around $4,000, while ultra-long-range jets begin at about $15,000.

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