They say it isn’t about the destination, but the journey. And, when it comes to soaring high in a luxurious private jet interior, they’re right.

Private aviation is a luxury with perks like avoiding airport lines and comfortable flights with loved ones. While chartering a private jet is a luxury of its own, the interior of private jets are not all made equal.

Here are three of the most luxurious private jet interiors in the air today.

1. Air Force One

This customized Boeing 747-200B can fly its high-profile passenger anywhere in the world at a moment’s notice. So, who has the nicest private jet? The President of the United States.

So, who has the nicest private jet? The President of the United States.

Known as Air Force One, this luxury jet is worth an astounding $660 million. After peeling back the layers and taking a look inside this private jet interior, it’s easy to see why.

The Air Force One boasts a 4,000-square-foot interior spread across three floors. The aircraft also features:

  • A presidential suite complete with an office, lavatory and conference room
  • A medical suite with a doctor on board
  • Two full kitchen galleys capable of preparing food for 100 people
  • Quarters for people traveling with the President, such as senior advisors and members of the Secret Service

And that’s just its modern private jet interior. Among its many impressive features, the Air Force One can refuel in the air making long-distance travel a breeze. The aircraft also has extensive safety and communications features.

2. Saudi Prince Al Waleed’s 747

If you’re asking yourself, what is the most luxurious private jet interior, it doesn’t get more lavish than Saudi Prince Al Waleed bin Talal Al Saud’s Boeing 747.

Covered in wood and splashes of gold throughout, the aircraft is one of several owned by the billionaire prince, businessman, investor and philanthropist. With plenty of seating to haul entire sports teams across the continent for tournaments and a reported prayer room and Turkish bath, there’s lots to admire in Prince Al Waleed’s remarkable 747.

However, it’s the opulent golden throne that earns the aircraft a spot on the list of most luxurious private jet interiors.

3. Trump Force One

During his time in office, Donald Trump took to the skies in the presidential Air Force One. Today, Trump is often found flying aboard his luxurious Boeing 757. While significantly smaller than the 747, Trump’s narrow-body plane, also known as Trump Force One, boasts one of the most luxurious private jet interiors.

Trump Force One is complete with a galley, dining area, meeting room, theatre room and a private master bathroom in Trump’s customized bedroom. 

At first glance, it has an understated elegance. Then you see the gold. Gold seat belts, gold trim, gold Trump family crest, gold everything. Even the sink in Trump Force One is gold-plated.

Trump’s 757 may not have the same footprint as the Air Force One or Prince Al Waleed’s 747, but it lacks none of the luxury. 

Luxury Private Jet Interior FAQs

What is the most luxurious private jet company?

All three private jet interiors that made it on our list—the President of the United States’ Air Force One, Prince Al Waleed’s 747 and Donald Trump’s Trump Force One–were built by Boeing. From their headquarters in Virginia, Boeing is one of the largest and most popular aircraft manufacturers in the business and is renowned for making high-quality and luxurious jets.

However, it’s important to note that each of these aircraft have been highly customized and designed to fit the needs and tastes of their owners.

When you charter a private jet, you likely won’t have a three-level presidential suite. But, when you fly with Stratos, you will have a comfortable and luxurious private jet interior whether you charter a turboprop plane like the Pilatus PC-12 or a luxurious super-midsize jet like the Challenger 350. 

What is the most comfortable private jet?

Comfort and luxury go hand-in-hand. However, the most comfortable private jet depends on your preference.

Do you prefer flat floors or seats that sit slightly lower than the walking channel for more space above your head? What about sitting in a comfortable swivel captain’s chair or lounging on a bench seat? 

If you have questions about the comfort and amenities aboard your aircraft, be sure to talk to your private flight advisor. Our friendly, dedicated and trained professionals will ensure you have everything you need to enjoy your flight.

Are heavy jets more luxurious than light jets?

Heavy jets are the pinnacle of luxury. The extra space aboard a heavy jet provides ample space for improved amenities. In addition to the comfortable seating and private facilities found on most private jets, heavy jets often feature:

  • Wi-Fi
  • High-end entertainment systems
  • Dedicated work and meeting spaces
  • More room to prepare a delicious meal

But size doesn’t necessarily mean luxury.

Even a small turboprop plane or light jet provides an elevated experience when compared to business or first class aboard a scheduled flight. These planes are often better suited to take-offs and landings at smaller regional airports.

When you charter a light jet, you unlock access to a vast network of private aviation airports across the country, reducing your time spent in the car and getting you where you need to be quicker. 

What is the cleanest private jet?

The cleanest jet is one that’s well-maintained and operated by a reputable air carrier. At Stratos Jets, we only work with the best carriers in the industry.

Through our Approved Vendor program, we routinely audit the operators and aircraft in our network. For private fliers, this helps to ensure you get the luxury private jet interior you deserve every time you fly with Stratos.

Want to learn more about the aircraft in our network? Give us a call at (888)593-9066 to get started.