Even for a short private jet charter flight, getting the right aircraft can make all the difference. At Stratos Jet Charters, our agents strive to match the machine to the mission. We’ll consider the distance of your destination, the size of your group and the amount of cargo space you’ll need. But your safety and comfort will always be our top priorities. While passenger safety is federally-regulated, passenger comfort is left up the individual’s preference.

Here are three choices for private jet cabin configurations that can help your next flight be the most comfortable yet.

Flat Floor vs. Channel Floor

Citation Latitude Jet Charter Flights

The Citation Latitude offers a flat floor and a spacious cabin.

This is a popular query when our clients are asking about private jet charter configurations. A flat floor is exactly that – a flat walking surface with aircraft seats bolted to it. The advantage is you don’t have to step up from the aisle to your seat.

The other type of floor is a channel floor. Most turbo-props, some very light jets, and several light jets have channel floors. The seats are slightly higher than the aisle. The advantage of a channel floor is that you can stand upright in the aisle, which is ideal for taller passengers.  And, unlike commercial airliners, private jet charters don’t have overhead storage, so you won’t feel cramped.

Captain’s Chairs vs. Bench Seats

Since you’ll be spending the majority of your private jet charter flight seated, the seating choices are probably the most important comfort considerations.  Private jets are designed for executive teams or a family group. As a result, jet seating configurations are arranged for conversation and collaboration, with seats facing each other. The most popular option is an ergonomic captain’s chair, which can swivel for conversations and legroom. On some aircraft, such as the Embraer Legacy 650, the chairs are berthable and fold down so you can sleep.

Another option is bench seating, where you sit sideways to the nose of the plane. It’s a wide, relaxing seat, much like your favorite couch at home. To conserve space while still meeting the passengers’ needs, many jets are configured with a blend of bench seats and captain’s chairs. That way everyone gets to relax in a luxurious lounge environment.


Private Charter Flight CItation Mustang

The Citation Mustang is quick and cozy, but doesn’t offer the most private lavatory options.

The lavatory configuration depends entirely on the private jet charter aircraft type. Some smaller very light jets such as the Citation Mustang have an “emergency toilet” that is essentially an extra seat with a pull-around curtain.  It’s functional but just barely private.

Fortunately, the next size-category of aircraft, light jets, have private enclosed lavatories. Features include a lighted vanity mirror, sink, and a seat-belted toilet. Once you get to the next size category, mid-sized jet, the lavatory designs go from functional to elegant. The Cessna Citation XLS has a lavatory that is large enough to double as a dressing area.

From there, the scale goes from elegant to opulent, with aircraft that feature true stand-up showers and en-suite lavatories attached to master bedrooms.

Since comfort preferences vary from traveler to traveler, talk to your Stratos Jet Charter agent. They’ll ensure you have the perfect private jet for your particular needs.


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