One of the biggest benefits of flying by private jet is choosing destinations that commercial airlines don’t serve. When you hire a private jet through Stratos Jet Charters, it is a customized travel experience.

Though most of our clients use private jets for corporate travel, many are discovering the comfort and efficiency of private jets for vacation travel. Some even combine both, by using a private jet to attend a corporate retreat. Once you choose to fly by private a jet, a whole list of new destinations becomes available to you.

To inspire your next travel adventure, here are four destinations easily accessible by private jet.

The pristine mountains of Jackson Hole await.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Summer and winter outdoor adventures await you at Jackson Hole. Well-known as a world-class ski and snowmobile resort, Jackson Hole also boasts breathtaking mountain hikes and biking trails in the summer. The fact that it is harder to reach by road only adds to its appeal for private jet travelers. When you hire a private jet, you can land at Jackson Hole Airport, minutes from the major resorts. Be sure to request extra cargo space for your skis!

Relax on peaceful, secluded emerald-hued beaches only the Bahamas can offer.

Norman’s Cay, Bahamas

While Nassau, Bahamas is a gorgeous travel destination in itself, some travelers want to enjoy the more remote parts of the islands. Norman’s Cay has garnered a lot of attention in recent years. Once home to the notorious Medellin drug cartel in the 1980s, the cay is now an exclusive resort developed by owners in Miami. The runway has been expanded to accommodate private jets, and the amenities are spectacular. Hire a private jet to enjoy the secluded beaches, stunning snorkeling and scuba opportunities, nature tours, and fishing excursions.

Relax at the iconic Shipwreck Beach while enjoying the blissful solitude of Lanai.

Lanai, Hawaii

One of the lesser-known Hawaiian Islands, Lanai is a popular destination for those who want a Hawaiian vacation without throngs of other tourists. The island features two resort hotels, three golf courses, excellent coral and shipwreck snorkeling, whale and dolphin-watching excursions, and pristine beaches.  Many of the island’s natural attractions are accessible only by off-road vehicles, further enhancing the feeling of privacy. When you hire a private jet, you can land at Lanai airport, or land in Maui, and then take a smaller aircraft to Lanai for an extraordinary Hawaiian getaway.

Grab your skis and enjoy the best powder Switzerland has to offer in St. Moritz.

St. Moritz, Switzerland

Remote does not have to mean unsophisticated. Thanks to the majestic Alps surrounding this luxurious ski resort, large commercial airliners cannot use the short runway. But a private jet charter will get you to the best powder skiing in Switzerland.  St. Moritz is much more than a ski destination.  Boasting world-class resorts, spas, restaurants, and a casino, St. Moritz is a sophisticated jewel set in a crown of Alpine peaks.  Hire a private jet to fly you Samedan Airport, just fifteen minutes from St. Moritz.

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