At Stratos Jet Charters, we pride ourselves on transparency. We have published the relevant statistics on every aircraft in our network to help our clients make informed travel decisions. One question we frequently get from our business charter jets clients is, “Why can’t my aircraft fly the maximum range?”

It’s a fair question since you want the best range for your travel dollar. It’s easy for travelers to search the distance between two airports and find the exact mileage between them. However, federal regulations and several safety factors must also be considered when calculating true aircraft range.

Here is a quick guide to the difference between maximum range and true range.

How is Maximum Range Calculated?
Phenom 300

Embraer’s Phenom 300 boasts a maximum range of 2,245 nm.

Maximum range is an important selling feature for private jets. It’s like top speed for high-end sports cars. Aircraft manufacturers will run hundreds of simulations and test flights before determining the maximum range of an aircraft. Their calculations for business charter jets are based on ideal conditions. The maximum range is determined by a take-off in good weather with no wind, from a super-long runway with minimum cargo weight. The Maximum Range is when the aircraft will exhaust its fuel under those conditions.

Variables that Affect Maximum Range

Most business charter jets never fly under the ideal Maximum Range conditions.  Skilled pilots must balance factors such as winds, temperature, runway length, and the total weight of passengers and luggage. Each of those factors individually can change the aircraft’s true range. To use an analogy, your pickup will get better mileage on a long, flat highway than it will if it is towing a heavy trailer over hilly roads.

Safety Legislation that Affects Maximum Range

When you charter a business charter jet from Stratos Jet Charters, we want to ensure your flight is as safe as possible. All charter operators must adhere to Part 135 of the Federal Aviation Administration regulations. Part 135 Regulations require a plane to carry enough fuel to either circle a busy airport if a runway is temporarily unavailable or to fly to an alternate airport if conditions prevent any landing at the original destination. No sensible business charter jet pilots would deplete their fuel reserve by flying to the aircraft’s maximum range.

Why are Maximum Range Calculations Published?

Maximum Range statistics give you a baseline comparison between different aircraft.  If you are considering booking a business charter jet, you’ll want to preview the different jets for the mission. On our Stratos Aircraft Page, you can explore the different jet types, and use the “Compare  +” button to evaluate multiple aircraft side-by-side.

Of course, the second reason for Maximum Range statistics is marketing. It’s very advantageous if aircraft manufacturers can boast that their latest jet can travel further than their competitor’s.  It may be true, but as we noted, there are many variables to consider in range calculations.


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