The Cessna Citation line has long been the favorite among pilots and private business jet travelers alike. The aircraft are roomy, reasonably-priced and reliable. Stratos Jet Charters boasts several Cessna Citation types in our network of carriers. Which is best? Our philosophy is that the best private business jet in any category is the one best suited to your specific travel mission. However, with so many Citation variations available, how do we choose one over the other?

Here is a quick comparison of two of Cessna’s most popular products: The Cessna Citation XLS and the Cessna Citation X+.

Book Citation XLS Private Jet Charter

The XLS is one of the best selling business jets of all time, and for good reason.

Cessna Citation XLS

The Cessna Citation XLS was first introduced in 2004, based on the popular Citation XL line of mid-sized jets. The XLS featured more powerful engines and a glass cockpit. Smaller airfields are easily accessible in an XLS. This nimble eight-seater needs only 3,500 feet of runway length, while most of its competitors need at least 5,200 feet.

Perfect for domestic private business jet flights, the XLS still has an impressive 2100 nautical mile range. It has the range and cargo space to take eight people and their golf gear from Boston to West Palm Beach for a weekend getaway. With fold-out tables, extra-wide seats and a full refreshment center, the Citation XLS lets you be as productive or as relaxed as you choose to be while airborne. 

Cross-continental range, an exceptional flight deck and cabin, and epic performance makes the Citation X+ superior in more than just speed.

Cessna Citation X+

The Citation X+ boasts a cabin that’s 14 inches longer than the XLS variant. This gives guests an added bonus of roomy comfort.  The X+ also offers improved the wings and engine design, resulting in a 214-pound payload increase, and a 190-nautical mile range increase for a total of 3,242 nautical miles. This impressive range means this jet is ideal for cross-country flights, like New York to LA or San Francisco to Miami. 

It is also one of the fastest private business jets available, able to take 8 passengers at a speedy 717 mph in extraordinary comfort. It’s perfect for long-range missions, or when speed is essential. 


Both the Cessna XLS and the X+ are well-designed for their specific tasks. The XLS is ideal for domestic flights to a shorter runway. The X+ can get you a little further at faster speeds.  But the best way to find the best aircraft for your next private business jet charter is to call one of our Stratos Jet Charter agents. 


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