Convenience, comfort and luxury: that’s what private jet services are all about.

Before we break down the top services to have on your next flight, how does private jet service work? It all starts with a call to a charter broker, like Stratos. When flying private, this initial call can happen anywhere from two months to four hours in advance.

Armed with your travel requirements, such as when and where you’re headed and who you’re traveling with, your broker will find the right aircraft and operator for your flight. All you need to do is show up at the private jet terminal, or FBO, and climb aboard.

Without further ado, here are the three private jet services to make sure you have on your next private flight.

1. Private jet catering

There’s nothing like enjoying a lasagna and sipping a delicious Chianti while soaring through the sky on a private jet. 

When you book a private jet charter service, your flight will likely include an assortment of chips, nuts, cookies, bottled waters and sodas. If you’re flying over the lunch hour or your stomach calls for a full meal, we have a catering menu complete with pasta dishes, stews and pizzas. 

Many larger jets come equipped with a kitchen galley, making it possible to reheat your meal in the air. For smaller planes, we will have your meal delivered to your aircraft before take-off.

2. Ground transportation

Whether it’s a professional limousine or a luxury car rental, concierge service to and from the airport is perhaps the best private jet service available.

Want to be picked up at the office and have an all-wheel drive truck waiting for you at your destination, ride in style in a stretch limousine or even transport precious cargo in an armored car? We can take care of that. At Stratos, our Trip Support Team is on hand to take care of all your transportation needs.

3. In-air private jet services with a skilled crew

Just like scheduled flights, private jet charters require skilled team members. When you climb aboard your private jet, you’ll soon meet the captain and cabin attendant or flight attendant.

While the number of crew members aboard your flight depends on the aircraft you charter and the number of passengers, there are always two pilots when you fly with Stratos.

Cabin attendants on your flight typically hold certification from a career college or university and bring a breadth of communication skills and aviation knowledge to the team. While on the flight, their primary focus is on providing exceptional service.

Flight attendants fill a similar role, though with more experience and training. Flight attendants require FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) certification and have training in first aid, fire control, aircraft evacuation and emergency procedures.

How much does it cost to hire a private jet crew?

When you charter a private jet through Stratos, the crew costs are included in your total bill. Purchasing a private jet? As an aircraft owner, you’ll be responsible for hiring, training and retaining your own flight crew, as well as any aircraft maintenance. 

For most, the reduced costs and flexibility make on-demand charters the best way to experience private jet services. 

Want to learn more about private jet service and how flying with Stratos gives you access to the best aircraft and air carriers in the industry? Call us at (888)593-9066 to get started.