Jet Charter Services in 2018: a Look Ahead

2017 turned out to be a solid year for jet charter services. Not only did aircraft charter demand increase in terms of overall volume last year, but clients also tended to request larger aircraft with more amenities for both personal and business travels. A lot of this is due to renewed and continuing confidence in the US and global economies. It’s hard to believe it’s been nearly a decade since the last economic depression, but things are looking up. Here’s a look ahead to what you can expect for 2018…

1. New Private Jets Hitting the Market in 2018

There are a handful of new private jets that are expected to reach the market in 2018 (or shortly thereafter). It might take a while for them to become available to charter operators, but they’ll certainly add to your options when they do. Bombardier Global 7000: With four living spaces and a dedicated crew rest area, the Bombardier Global 7000 will become the world’s largest purpose-built private jet when it enters service in 2018. It promises a combination of speed, range and comfort for those who require long-distance jet charter services. Gulfstream G500: For Gulfstream, enthusiasts (and there are many), the $43.5 million G500 represents a significant upgrade on its predecessor, the G450. It will fly 30 knots faster and 18 per cent further on the same fuel burn. Bombardier Global 8000: Slightly smaller than its new sibling, the Global 7000, the 8000 can fly 600nm further while holding just four fewer passengers.

2. Busy Weekends for Air Traffic

Similar to commercial air traffic, private charter flights have always been hugely popular on the weekend days, especially Fridays and Sundays. This trend will only continue as more air travelers discover the convenience of flying privately to:

  • Return home from your workweek
  • Head off for a quick weekend getaway with the family
  • Leave home for the following week’s meetings and conferences

3. More Air Travelers Become Jet Card Program Members

Once a traveller discovers the advantages of booking private jet services, they tend to stick with it. If they fly frequently enough, it makes sense to consider a jet card membership for several reasons:

  • Lock in private aviation costs at a fixed rate, even during peak season
  • Build solid working relationship with membership provider for a more intuitive travel experience
  • Choose your preferred aircraft category to maximize value
  • Allows you to easily predict your travel budget

4. Continued Growth in Charter Market

While private jet ownership will always be a popular option for those who can afford it, a private jet charter offers many of the advantages without the upfront cost of buying an aircraft. You also avoid the ongoing maintenance and management, which can also add up, which helps explain why Booking Private Jets Is on the Rise. For competitive quotes and expert advice on jet charter services, talk to a Stratos Jets air charter associate. Our agents are available 24/7 to answer any questions you might have and begin the booking process—Toll-free 1-888-593-9066, or book a quote online.

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