Light Jet Flyer? Consider the Value of a Midsize Upgrade

The Hawker 800 is an excellent mid-sized charter jet

Perhaps better than anyone else, Light Jet Flyers understand the value of private aviation. Light charter jets are fast. They typically carry six to seven passengers over a thousand miles before refueling, and they provide the lowest, per person cost of any charter aircraft category. This makes chartering a light-jet the most economical approach to flying on a private jet. It’s the relative affordability that drives the strong demand for light jet charters in the U.S. air charter market. It is also the reason that the light-jet aircraft category boasts the most aircraft of any size category of charter aircraft in the U.S. air charter market.

The abundant supply of light jet aircraft that are available in the air charter market allows Stratos Jets to guarantee last minute charter flight availability for charter flights within four hours notice. It also enables Stratos Jets to provide point-to-point pricing on charter flights to hundreds of cities across the United States. Stratos Jets agents are able to offer point-to-point pricing by analyzing the positioning of all private aircraft that are apart of the Stratos Jets Approved Vendor Program; a safety due-diligence program that pre-screens charter aircraft, operational history, flight crew experience and insurance. This market research technique allows Stratos Jets private flight advisors to quickly provide access to the safest, most well-maintained aircraft with the least amount of re-positioning costs for their clients.

The low operating cost of a light jet combined with the reduced repositioning costs make chartering a light jet a great value. For longer flights, especially those with larger passenger counts, the mid-size charter jet can provide substantial benefits over a light jet charter. Mid-size charter jets can carry between seven to eight passengers. They have a substantially increased range over light jets and provide passengers with extra leg and shoulder room as well as a larger storage area for their luggage. Stratos Jets agents can often provide competitively-priced mid-size private jet charters by pairing the needs of its large client base with the needs of other clients as well as the needs of Stratos Jets Approved Aircraft Operators.

Stratos Jet believes that through client education, an enduring pursuit to provide an excellent flight experience, and through its involvement with the Air Charter Association of North America (ACANA), they have set the standard of excellence in private aviation. When chartering your next private aircraft, allow a Stratos Jets private flight advisor to provide you with pricing on multiple light and mid-sized private jets for your trip.

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