How to Determine if your Charter Broker is Honest and Transparent

At Stratos Jet Charters, we believe that you should always work with a well-established company that you can come to know and trust. When considering a jet charter broker to work with, here are a couple questions that you should ask:

What is the Overall Marketing Message of the Company?

What you constantly read and hear from a company, regardless of industry, is indicative of its goals and principles. When considering the marketing message of jet charter companies, what is emphasized most? Is it simply great deals and rock-bottom prices? If so, this should be an immediate red flag. As you have seen consistently over the years, the “message” here at Stratos Jets has been very simple and straightforward. Your safety always comes first when flying with us, and we provide the most personalized and responsive service in the air charter industry. We always arrange charter flights on the most appropriate aircraft at the best-available price. As an honest and ethical organization, we do what is right, simply because it is right, and this philosophy has shaped all aspects of our business. We believe in this message because it builds long-term, repeat business. At Stratos Jets, our goal is to build relationships with our clients, taking the time to get to know them and anticipate their needs.

How Transparent is your Service Provider?

Transparency is how a company explains its role regarding its services. Some charter brokers want to take a shortcut, thinking that the misrepresentation of who they are will make them seem larger or perhaps more capable than they really are. Stratos Jet Charters is a worldwide air charter agency that provides clients with access to a network of nearly 5,000 aircraft nationwide. We do not own or operate aircraft, but we do verify that they meet our safety standards and comply with all FAA and DOT regulations. As a member of the prestigious Air Charter Association of North America (ACANA), we are committed to upholding the honest and fair practice of clear pricing. During you search for a service provider, you may also notice that some charter brokerages disguise their role as a broker, advertising their “fleet” of jets or otherwise implying ownership of aircraft. The Federal government views this as false and deceptive advertising, and it is illegal. When considering whether to work with one of these companies, you should just ask yourself a very simple question: “Am I comfortable working with a company that is blatantly dishonest with me from the very start? Your answer should help guide your decision making when choosing a broker.”

What do Independent Sources think about the Company?

Any company can simply tell you how great they are. (Try to think of a company that doesn’t.) What other consumers think about your service provider should be a major part of your assessment. The positive experiences of our clients are well expressed in the rating given to Stratos Jet Charters by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). We are very proud of our BBB grade since it represents all of the hard work we’ve put in over the years to ensure that our clients are 100% satisfied with our charter service. This is especially true when you consider that a good portion of our new business comes from customer referrals. We also think the financial condition of the on-demand service provider you work with is important. Stratos Jets has earned a Dun & Bradstreet (D&B) rating of “Strong” with all facets of our business grading out equal to or higher than average in the air charter industry. D&B is one of the most definitive, well-respected auditors and sources of business financial data globally. This rating means you will always get what you paid for, something you cannot say about every jet charter operation out there. Just another reason why you can travel with the utmost confidence when you choose Stratos Jets as your agent, and partner, for your next charter flight. If you want to know more about Stratos Jets, just ask one of our current clients. We’d be happy to put you in touch with any number of customers who work with us right now, so they can let you know their thoughts on how we do business.

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