Northeast Blizzard Causes Ripple Effect of Jet Charter Flight Delays

In the wake of this weekend’s severe Northeastern storm, Stratos Jet Charters reported a “ripple effect” of jet charter flight delays in and out of New York and New England today. After a severe winter blizzard dumped several inches of snow on New England on Monday, several jet charter departures were delayed and canceled out of New York (LGA), Morristown (MMU) and Teterboro (TEB) airports. Although weather conditions have improved greatly, the large number of private jet aircraft trying to depart out of the Northeast area has created a domino effect of charter flight delays across the region.

These charter flight delays are due in large part to aircraft operators inability to maintain flight schedules for departures and arrivals into affected airports due to flight crew duty restrictions. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) imposes certain crew rest and duty restrictions on pilots to keep them fully awake and alert during flight. Current flight crew rest and duty restrictions only allow pilots to fly 10 consecutive hours during a 14-hour work period, called a “duty day.”  This means that if a private jet flight to New Jersey is delayed due to heavy charter traffic in Teterboro, pilots may not have enough time to conduct their next flight during their scheduled duty day. The best way to avoid flight cancellations due is to substitute your flight crew on the ground or wait out weather delays.

Stratos Jet Charters is currently arranging jet charter flights to and from the New York area for private jet travelers stranded in the Northeast this week. Keep in mind that you should expect to see round-trip pricing for charter flights as a result of the extremely high demand for private aircraft. When demand for charter flights surges, round trip pricing for charter flights is usually the result, as air charter traffic follows the trend of passengers in the affected areas looking to escape the harsh weather. Most charter jet aircraft are already stationed in Florida for the winter season, which could also affect pricing for your charter flight.

For immediate assistance with booking your jet charter flight to or from the Northeast, contact a Stratos Jets private flight advisor.

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