Airline food has long been a target of stand-up comedians. You’ve heard the jokes, “Yesterday on my flight, I moved my potato and found my steak cowering underneath!” Fortunately, traveler expectations and inflight catering have both evolved. Inflight catering, especially for private jet travelers, means well-prepared, well-presented meals that appeal to sophisticated palates. 

If you need to request meals for your next charter flight, here are some tips for creating an inflight menu.

Aircraft Size

The first consideration is the size of your aircraft. If you are chartering a light jet or very light jet, you will have limited galley space for meals. Typically, these smaller jets have a small refrigerated food storage space for pre-made meals and thermos carafes for hot beverages. Luckily, trips on smaller private jets tend to be short-haul flights, and don’t require a lot of meal planning. A hearty sandwich, fruit platter, and artisan cheeses will sustain you. 

Larger aircraft such as midsize, super midsize and heavy jets have complete galleys for heating and serving food. Some jets even feature designated dining suites. It’s the ideal choice if you need to treat your VIP travelers to a glass of wine and sumptuous meal served with real crystal and china. 

Departure Time and Flight Duration

Your inflight catering choices also depend on the departure time and duration of your charter. For example, if your group is departing late in the evening to fly overnight to a morning meeting in another time zone, you probably won’t want a full evening meal. Light snacks and a morning meal will probably nourish everyone. Frequent travelers recognize that our internal “meal clock” is governed by our mealtime patterns in our home time zone. A long trans-oceanic charter flight might require multiple meals to meet your needs. 

Special Meals & Dietary Concerns

Fulfilling your special meal requests is where Stratos Jet Charters can really shine. Unlike commercial airlines, we can usually accommodate the special meal requests for each traveler. So if someone in your group has specific food sensitivities or preferences, let us know. Our concierge Trip Support Team is well-experienced with arranging inflight catering that meets everyone’s needs. Our caterers are selected for their proven ability to serve delectable meals using the highest-quality ingredients. 

Once you’ve decided on your custom inflight catering, our Trip Support team takes care of the order for you. Your gourmet meal will be freshly-prepared and delivered for you to enjoy as soon as you board your private jet charter.


To experience the excellent meals and service on a luxury jet charter flight, call Stratos Jet Charters at 888-593-9066.