The Internet is such a crucial part of our lives. Most of us couldn’t fathom being disconnected from a wireless signal for a long time. A solid Wi-Fi connection is imperative when you are traveling for business. But even casual vacation travelers need Internet access for airport information, weather forecasts, currency exchange, and a thousand other daily conveniences. 

When it comes to inflight entertainment, Stratos Jet Charters is seeing two emerging trends in Wi-Fi connectivity. The first is Ka-band wireless for the aircraft in our private jet charter network. The second is the growth of portable Wi-Fi routers, which are becoming very popular with travelers. Here is how you can stay connected wherever you go.

Inflight Entertainment and Connectivity

Right now, there are two ways to connect to Wi-Fi while on board a private jet charter. The first is air-to-ground Wi-Fi.  It’s the original cell-phone transmission method most of us are familiar with. A tower transmits a signal to your device. The further you are from the tower, the worse the signal gets. Air-to-ground works for about 50 miles from the transmission tower, which is good for domestic flights because there is usually another tower nearby to connect to.

However, Ka-band satellite technology is rapidly replacing air-to-ground. A communications satellite can efficiently transmit a signal to an aircraft in flight, which then re-distributes the signal so passengers can connect their devices. It provides a superior experience, comparable to your home internet connection. However, improved technology comes at a price. Usually, it’s bundled into the overall private jet charter price, but some operators may charge an additional data rate for satellite service. 

It’s always worth asking your Stratos Jet Charter agent which amenities are included in the inflight entertainment category, especially if you need to conduct teleconferences or stream presentations while on your private jet charter.

Portable Wi-Fi

This technological trend is growing with travelers in Europe and Southeast Asia. Free Wi-Fi is relatively unknown in these markets, with carriers competing aggressively for cellular customers. Personal Wi-Fi is a good alternative for travelers. Essentially, you arrange to pick up your personal Wi-Fi router at the airport after your private jet charter flight or have it delivered to your hotel. Once you pair it with your phone, it connects with a 4G wireless network regardless of the carrier.  You get a superior signal without having to buy a SIM card for your area.   

Of course, personal Wi-Fi is limited by the country’s cell network infrastructure.  It’s ideal for urban and inter-urban destinations. One of the smartest examples we’ve seen is the Pocket Wi-Fi from JapanRail.  The device is about the size of a deck of cards, but once paired with your phone, it gives you unlimited high-speed Wi-Fi connection anywhere, on a train or off.  JapanRail is just one of the agencies in the portable Wi-Fi market. Other notables include Skyroam, TEP and Travel Wifi.  Take a moment to read the details on their sites. Each has pros and cons and may have fine print regarding the countries they serve, rental fees and data restrictions.


Now you can enjoy Wi-Fi, as part of your inflight entertainment experience, while you see the world. To book a luxury group air charter flight anywhere in the world, call Stratos Jets Charters at 888-593-9066.