Traveling with family is so much easier on a Stratos private Jet charter. You have many more travel options and luxury perks than on a commercial airline. That includes being able to bring your pets. Of course, when taking pets on a plane, everyone’s safety and comfort must be considered first. The rules are fairly straightforward for domestic flights. You can find a summary at this pet travel FAQ page. However, taking a pet to an international destination requires some additional planning and documentation.

Here are some tips for bringing your animal companions on an international charter flight. 


Many people take their  pets on planes with them.

The first step before taking pets on a plane is to find out if your animal qualifies as a pet. The US Department of Agriculture defines a pet as a “privately-owned companion animal”.  Most cats, dogs, rabbits, rodents, and reptiles meet the criteria. However, the rules are more stringent for certain species of birds, depending on disease risk factors. Budgies can travel as pets, but doves cannot. You’ll find more details about the criteria at the USDA pet travel website.  


The next step is to visit your veterinarian, to obtain an International Health Certificate for Pets. The vet may need to do blood tests, vaccinations or microchip implants, depending on your animal and the destination country. Again, you can find a summary of the requirements on the Department of Agriculture’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Services (APHIS) website. The agency has helpfully provided a dropdown list of requirements for each international destination.

Pet Comfort

Don’t leave your pets at home. They make wonderful travel companions.

Once you’ve obtained the documentation for taking pets on a plane, the next step is to ensure your pet will be safe and comfortable while traveling.  At Stratos Jet Charters, we recommend looking at your pet’s needs for the whole trip, not just the flight portion. You may need to bring a travel crate, food, water, medication, and toys. Also consider that you may need a collar, leash or other pet restraints.  And don’t forget the waste disposal bags. The advantage of flying by private jet charter is it’s your flight- you can customize your arrangements to maximize your pet’s comfort.

If you need help with the logistics, talk to our Stratos Trip Support Team. They are experts at finding pet-friendly hotels, ground transportation and anything else you may need before taking pets on a plane.

Our animal companions are a source of joy and comfort in our lives. Traveling with them can make our trip even more enjoyable. So if you want to bring your German shepherd to Germany, or take your Manx cat to the Isle of Man, start your preparations early. With some planning, you and your animal friends will have a safe, relaxed international flight. 


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