Traveling with kids has its own inherent challenges. It is up to the parents to handle the logistics, entertainment and personal needs for each child. Luckily, when families travel on Stratos private luxury jets, they get the same VIP treatment as our corporate travelers. With a bit of forethought, you can turn your family getaway into a memorable, stress-free travel adventure!

Here are a few tips for traveling with kids.

Infants and Toddlers

Children under the age of two qualify as lap passengers. This means they can be held by their parents or travel in an approved baby-carrier during the flight. One of the advantages of traveling by private luxury jet is that the seats are generally wider and softer than on a commercial airline. Parent and baby can be quite comfortable together in one seat.

child-friendly private jet charters

Supplying children with their own forms of entertainment can ensure a more peaceful trip for everyone.

If you have toddlers under two, you can choose to share a seat, or book a seat for each of you. There are pros and cons to both, depending on the duration of the flight and your child’s temperament. Be sure to let our expert Stratos Charter Agents know if you need additional room for extra gear such as strollers, baby carriers, and carry-on bags.

School-Age Children

School-age kids are thankfully more self-sufficient than toddlers. Each child over age two will need their own seat. Luckily, when you charter a private luxury jet, it’s your jet – you can sit together as a family, or spread out if space allows. The Stratos Trip Support team can help you arrange inflight meals and entertainment. Savvy parents will pack some extra snacks and amusements for each child.


Though they may not acknowledge it, our teen travelers love that most of the private luxury jets in our network are designed for corporate travelers. That means ample power outlets for mobile devices, extra-comfortable seats, on-board entertainment, and even wi-fi connectivity. The teens will be fine.

Privacy and Safety

Some parents traveling with children might be concerned about breastfeeding or changing a child while airborne. As noted, when you charter a private luxury jet, your family’s safety and comfort are paramount.  Charter flights tend to be smaller groups that know each other.  You can relax, and look after your child’s needs as if you were at home. The only safety rule to be aware of that everyone must remain seatbelted if the aircraft encounters turbulence.

Extra Needs

Furry family members are welcome to fly with you too.

Each family is unique, and if you need something extra, don’t hesitate to ask. We can accommodate wheelchair travelers, special diets, ground transportation, hotel bookings, and many other special requests.  One topic we haven’t mentioned in this blog article is traveling with pets. If you plan to bring an animal on your private luxury jet, we recommend reading our FAQ article on Traveling With Pets.

Traveling with children requires some planning, but it is ultimately so rewarding. Traveling by private jet means you can access smaller airports, and relax on a more luxurious, quieter aircraft. Get ready for an exciting family adventure.  It’s a big planet…let’s go explore it!

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