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Powerball Winner World Tour: The Jet Charter Trip of a Lifetime

By the end of the night tomorrow, the United States could have a new billionaire. The Powerball lottery jackpot is estimated to reach a record $1.3 billion before the draw is made at 10 pm ET Wednesday. With so much money to spend, we thought we’d prepare a celebratory jet charter trip of a lifetime for the lucky winner. How would a new billionaire travel around the world? On a Gulfstream G650, of course. It’s been hailed “the biggest, fastest, most luxurious, longest range and most technologically advanced jet” in the Gulfstream family by far (Flying Magazine).

Charter a Gulfstream G650ER

The Gulfstream G650ER.

With an ultra-large luxe cabin and ultra-high speed capabilities, the winner and 13 guests will have no trouble touring around the world at the height of opulence, comfort and convenience in the G650.

First stop: Los Angeles


California jet charter

Yes, this is when you and your entourage get to experience your very own Pretty Woman moment, shopping on Rodeo Drive for all the gold and Louis Vuitton you can carry. Rest those tired fingers and feet by staying in the penthouse suite at the Beverly Wilshire Four Seasons Hotel. For a cool $25,000, enjoy 5,000 square feet of luxury, including a media room, dining room, your very own concierge, a luxury car and stylist.

Stop two: Australia

Cape Tribulation, Australia. Photo by Ivan Slade,

Cape Tribulation, Australia. Photo by Ivan Slade,

Experience OZ—the endless, stunning beaches, city life and the outback. Of course, you’ll want to make sure your tour begins with the uncrowded and extraordinary soft white sand, lagoons and inlets of Whitehaven Beach in Queensland. Stay at a seaside villa with your very own butler. Dive into the waters nears the Great Barrier Reef from your yacht. There is no better way to reach this awe-inspiring yet incredibly distant country than by jet charter. Plenty of time on the flight there to pore over luxury car and haute architectural design magazines as you imagine purchasing the car and home of your dreams at the trip’s end.

Stop three: China

Beijing, China. Photo by Yolanda Sun,

Beijing, China. Photo by Yolanda Sun,

Yes, the Great Wall of China. If your luxury jet takes off by the end of the week, you might even make Chinese New Year—a vibrant, magical spectacle if there ever was one.

Stop four: Paris

Le Eiffel, Paris, France. Photo by Anthony Delanoix,

Le Eiffel, Paris, France. Photo by Anthony Delanoix,

Yes, the Eiffel Tower, the city of love, The Louvre. Don’t give it a second thought that you don’t speak French! Hire an entire troupe of translators for everyone in your party. Dine at Le Meurice, one of the finest hotels in Paris, where the walls are lined with gold and scallop starters go for a little less than $200.

Stop five: Wild Nights in Miami, Shows in the Big Apple or Indulgences in Sao Paulo, Brazil

New York, New York. Photo by Nicolai Bernstein,

New York, New York. Photo by Nicolai Bernstein,

Well, now that you’re on a roll, why stop now? With your G650 jet charter, you can visit all three and head on to the next destination as you please. Remember, you’re a billionaire now. Indulge. If you’re not the Powerball winner but you’ve been lucky in life and you’re ready for an adventure, Stratos Jet Charters arranges jet charter trips around the world so you can visit coveted and exclusive locales in style and on your schedule. Call 1.888.478.7286 or book your flight. Feature image, Miami Beach. Photo by Jeroen Verbaas.

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